The Mindfulness Project at Tam Valley Elementary School

  • Mission Statement:
    Planting the seeds of self-awareness, kindness and community

    Program Coordinators:
    Amaris Vicari      Jen Nassiri
    Volunteer/Grade Contact List:
    Kindergarten: Amaris Vacari
    First Grade: Jen Nassiri
    Second Grade: Kristen Vandivier
    Third Grade: Chrisie Walker
    Fourth Grade: Josephine Courant
    Fifth Grade: Johanna Beyer

    Program Summary:
    The Mindfulness Program at Tam Valley Elementary School is a volunteer program designed to introduce a variety of mindfulness techniques that can assist our children in learning to be more self-aware of their bodies, minds, surroundings and how they interact with others.
    The cornerstone of the program is the mindful minute, a 60-second practice where students learn to sit and observe their own breathing. It is a short practice that can be done anywhere and at anytime.
    In addition to the mindful minute, each month of the school year a parent volunteer will visit their assigned classrooms for 15 minutes to introduce a different mindfulness practice. Topics include exploring the five senses, practicing gratitude, compassion, and much more. Tam Valley teachers will also have an optional monthly journaling/drawing practice that they can lead independently with their classrooms.  
    We invite the children and teachers to participate in these monthly class visits, and are thrilled to hear when the kids bring their explorations home to share with their families. We welcome ongoing feedback from parents, teachers, and the children.

    For more information feel free to contact the program coordinators: Jen at and Amaris at,