Strawberry Point Learner Profile

  • Strawberry Point Learner Profile

    The Mill Valley School District's 2018-2023 Strategic Plan outlines 12 attributes of a Mill Valley Learner. 

    • Mill Valley Learners Strive To Be:


      Learner Profile Attribute Definitions


      Elementary Definition: 

      I know that to feel a sense of well-being or comfort, I have to live a balanced life. That means I can’t do one thing so much that I don’t do other things.  I can’t just do school work or just be with friends. I have to do some of each. 

      I do both physical activities like playing sports or taking a walk and non-physical activities like reading a book or playing games on-line.

      I also take care of my emotional needs. I spend time with people who I care about and who care about me, and I can identify and express my feelings in ways that don’t harm me or others.


      Adult Definition:

      I recognize that well-being is achieved by balancing intellectual, social, physical, and emotional needs.


      Critical Thinkers

      Elementary Definition: 

      I think about things I read, see, or hear and consider what else I know about these things and where I have learned about them before. 

      I also think about the information I read and hear to figure out what it means and to decide if it is real and true. 

      I use information and experience to think about what I am learning in order to make my own decisions or reach my own conclusions about the information.

      I think about new things I learn in creative ways.  I can imagine original and unusual solutions to problems. 


      Adult Definition: 

      I can use critical and creative thinking to analyze and evaluate information in order to develop my own reasoned and logical conclusions.



      Elementary Definition: 

      When working with others, I make an effort to find ways to build respect between people, so the work is productive. 

      I understand that many different perspectives help solve complicated problems.  I listen to other’s ideas, share my own ideas, and develop shared solutions.


      Adult Definition:  

      I can build respectful working relationships and understand that multiple perspectives are essential to solve complex issues and problems.



      Elementary Definition: 

      When people speak to me, I listen carefully and reflect on what they say.

      I express my own ideas and share information clearly, confidently, and thoughtfully in writing and when speaking.

      I can speak clearly and respectfully in small and large groups, during discussions, and in front of different audiences.

      I select and use technology and media to communicate respectfully and effectively with diverse audiences.


      Adult Definition: 

      I can listen reflectively. I express ideas and report information clearly, confidently, and thoughtfully in a variety of ways.



      Elementary Definition: 

      When I am faced with a challenge, I think about possible ways I could handle it.  Once I determine what needs to be done, I focus on doing it, and I use resources to help me.

      I recognize that things don’t always work out, so if I fail, I don’t give up.  Instead, I try again, sometimes in new ways.  

      I take responsible action.


      Adult Definition: 

      I face uncertainty with forethought and determination. I am resourceful and resilient. I try new things and take responsible action. 



      Elementary Definition: 

      I can see situations through the perspective of others.

      I am committed to doing service as a way of showing my compassion and respect.


      Adult Definition: 

      I can see situations through the perspective of others and am committed to service as a demonstration of my compassion and respect.



      Elementary Definition: 

      I wonder about the world around me and ask questions.

      I am curious, observant.

      I use resources to investigate questions.


      Adult Definition: 

      I am curious and observant, and I use resources to investigate questions.



      Elementary Definition: 

      I read about topics that interest me at home and topics assigned in class.  I read books and online resources and watch videos about issues and ideas that connect me to the world. 

      I ask questions to understand the topics better.

      I think about what I am learning, talk to others, and write about my thinking to help me make sense of what I am learning and understand what it means.


      Adult Definition: 

      I acquire in-depth understanding of content, ideas, and issues that connect me to the world.



      Elementary Definition: 

      I know that I can grow and change when I am aware of my own perspective and how it influences my thinking. 

      I respectfully seek to understand different points of view because it helps me understand the world better.


      Adult Definition: 

      I can grow and change when I am conscious of my own bias, and I can broaden my perspective by respectfully seeking to understand diverse points of view.



      Elementary Definition: 

      I see challenges as opportunities to grow. I am able to start things on my own and use self-discipline to keep going. 

      When things get hard, I continue to be respectful as I work on the challenge before me.


      Adult Definition: 

      I act with integrity and honesty. I have a strong sense of fairness and justice and take responsibility for my actions.



      Elementary Definition:

      I am honest and trustworthy.

      I take responsibility for my actions.

      I understand what it means to be fair and work to make things fair for others. 

      I understand what justice is and why it is important.  I work to bring justice to others.


      Adult Definition: 

      I see challenges as opportunities to grow. I take initiative and demonstrate self-discipline, grace, and tenacity, especially in challenging situations.



      Elementary Definition:

      I think about my experiences and what they mean to me.

      I know that others can also help me think about my experiences, so I accept and appreciate the feedback. 

      I use new understanding to help me grow and work towards my goals.


      Adult Definition: 

      I give thoughtful consideration to my experiences, value feedback, and use new understanding to support growth and pursue goals.