• Student Leadership Opportunities

    Students learn and develop leadership through the practical application of leadership skills. At Strawberry Point, we believe in cultivating these skills so that students understand the concept of stewardship and ownership of their environments. Leadership development is an essential part of character building and moral maturity. As students develop leadership skills and feel more involved in the daily operations of the classroom and school, they take pride in their responsibility and positively affect the community.

    As part of our commitment to student success and public stewardship, we offer leadership opportunities through the Student Council, Green Team and Peaceful Playground Coaches.

    Student Council

    The Student Council is a student-run leadership team that provides an elected group of 3rd through 5th grade students the opportunity to develop organizational, leadership and collaboration skills. The Student Council arranges special school-wide activities and events to promote the school spirit, organizes community service projects and promotes civic engagement among students, as well as gives students a voice to provide input on school decisions.

    Strawberry Point Student Council consists of six officers and two class representatives who serve our school. Meetings are held during lunch from October to May.

    Student Council Officers

    President - Maia Merciel

    Vice President - Parker Chun

    Secretary - Clarice Cardoso

    Historian - Josie Costello

    Many thanks to Ms. Quek and Ms. Heller, our student council advisors, who support and guide our student leaders in successfully planning events, making decisions and representing their fellow students.

    Green TeamGreen Team

    Strawberry Point's Green Team is a volunteer student group that leads waste sorting efforts to reduce the amount of waste our school sends to the landfill. We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Zero Waste Marin and our PTA to implement solutions for reducing waste, increasing recycling and hosting school events in an environmentally conscious way.

    The Green Team is open to Strawberry Point students in 4th & 5th grade who want to lead efforts to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our school. These leaders learn all about waste sorting at the beginning of the year and then supervise their recycling, compost and landfill stations at lunch...every single day of the year!

    The Green Team increases our schools' awareness by educating students in the moment during lunch, through student made educational videos and by providing "Tips" during Morning Messages to improve sorting, change our habits and reduce our waste. Additionally, they educate families in the bi-weekly What's Up.

    Many thanks to Ms. Monti and Mr. Gasparini who are dedicated to working with our students to promote environmental education, responsibility and leadership within our school through advocacy and action. 

    Awards: Zero Waste Gold Award

    Peaceful Playground Coaches

    The main role of Peaceful Playground Coaches(PPC) is to initiate and help facilitate games, assist students in finding friends to play with and run a help desk. If there happens to be a conflict, the PPC is also trained in a protocol for helping to resolve a conflict peacefully. Overall, PPC members are leaders who help and assist students who may need extra support and care during recess.

    Students in 3rd through 5th grade apply to be Peaceful Playground Coaches and receive training to be successful in their role.

    Many Thanks to Molly Khan for training and supporting the PPC to promote positive social interactions, fun and inclusivity on the playground.