• Student Leadership


    Student Council


    The purpose of the Park School Student Council is to foster student leadership. Students are encouraged to work together to make a difference for the school, their local community, and communities abroad. Two students from each classroom are selected to represent their classroom. Some examples of recent Student Council projects include: Trick or Treat for UNICEF, collecting Halloween candy and new toothbrushes for troops stationed overseas and a Holiday Toy Drive benefiting two local schools.


    Peaceful Playground Coaches


    Peaceful Playgrounds is a program that provides schools with a variety of outdoor games that keep students involved at recess. The program also offers a Conflict Resolution component that teaches students how to solve problems peacefully. . Our 4th and 5th grade students may volunteer to be a Peaceful Playground Coach (PPC). The main role of the PPC is to initiate and help facilitate the games from the Peaceful Playground Program. If there happens to be a conflict, the PPC is also trained in a protocol for helping to resolve a conflict peacefully.




    5th Grade School Service


    Our fifth-graders serve an important role at Park School. These students have the responsibility of setting a good example for the younger children at the school. One of the ways in which we encourage our fifth-graders to set a good example is by asking them to engage in School Service. School Service is similar to Community Service, except that the focus of the service is on the school community. Staff members can fill out a simple form to request some type of service needed and the fifth-grade teachers will ask for volunteers. Some examples of the School Service projects have been: Helping Kindergartners at lunch recess, assisting the school secretary and serving pizza at lunch.