• School Policies

    Student Conduct Policies

    Our expectations for student behavior are simple:
    • Be Safe
    • Be Kind
    • Be Respectful
    Our “Words to Live By” help to keep these ideals in the forefront of everyday life at school.

    When children demonstrate these positive behaviors, they receive a sticker with the word that describes the behavior.  They get to color the sticker and place it on a school wide “100 Acts of Kindness” Chart.  Teachers reinforce these behaviors and values in the classroom through a program called “Tribes” and weekly classroom meetings.  These approaches provide teachers with strategies and activities that promote positive, peaceful and collaborative relationships in and out of school.

    However, at any school, some children may forget to follow the rules and behave in an inappropriate manner. When this happens, we have a clear system for reporting these behaviors.  Teachers and yard duty staff have “pink slips” that they can fill out explaining the behavior and a recommended consequence.  These pink slips are sent to the principal.  The principal talks with the child in an effort to understand what happened and help him or her to understand why the behavior was not appropriate.  If a child gets three pink slips within a school year, parents are called in for a conference.  In addition, there may be times that the principal decides to suspend a student based on the criteria outlined in California State Educational Code.

    Playground Rules
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    • Help others to feel included
    • No running on tan bark
    • One at a time on slides and monkey bars
    • No climbing up slides
    • No pushing, fighting or play fighting
    • Nothing but head and hands above bars
    • No jumping between benches
    • Chasing games are only ok if all students want to play 
    • Use to conflict resolution to solve conflict:  find a Peaceful Playground Coach, walk away, or use rock, paper, scissors

    Homework Policy

    The Mill Valley School District provides teachers with suggested guidelines for the amount of time students should be spending on homework.  At Park we try to follow these guidelines to ensure that homework is useful and productive.  If your child is having difficulty completing homework or is taking much longer than the suggested amount of time to complete it, please talk with the teacher to see what strategies can be put in place to support your child.  District Homework Guidelines:
    • First Grade:  10 minutes + reading
    • Second Grade:  20 minutes + reading
    • Third Grade:  30 minutes + reading
    • Fourth Grade:  40 minutes + reading
    • Fifth Grade:  50 minutes + reading.
    Dress Code
    •  Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times and shall enable students to safely and fully participate in daily physical activities, including recess and P.E.  Flip-flops and sandals are unsafe on an elementary playground.
    • Clothing, jewelry and accessories shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia that are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice or the use of drugs or alcohol.
    • Clothes shall be age-appropriate and sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.  Clothing that is fashion-forward and in keeping with the latest trends may not always be appropriate for the elementary school environment.
    • If a student arrives to school in inappropriate attire or footwear, parents will be called to bring a change of clothes for the student.

    Final decision regarding the appropriateness of clothing worn to Park School lies completely with the school administration.



    Any toys/personal items brought to school are not the school's responsibility.  Some personal items such as “rainbow looms” may be shared at recess but may not be sold or traded.  Electronic items of all types must remain in a student’s backpack unless specifically allowed in the classroom by the classroom teacher. Students are encouraged to leave all toys at home as they are often lost, damaged, or can cause disruptions to learning.  


    Electronics / Cell Phones
    Students are allowed to have cell phones and other electronic devices in their possession at school. Cell phones and other electronic signaling devices must be off during school hours, shall not be visible, and shall not be used during the school day unless a student is directed to do so and is supervised by one of our staff. Cell phones should remain in a child's backpack or be checked in at the office or with your child's teacher.  Students should not keep cell phones in their pockets.  Park School is not responsible for personal items that are lost, damaged or stolen. 
    Dog Policy

    Unattended dogs are not allowed on or around school property – no exceptions.  Dogs are not allowed on campus.  All dogs around the perimeter school property must be attended, and on leash.  The perimeter school property includes the fences and trees along Elm Street, East Blithedale and Catalpa sidewalks.  Dogs are not allowed to be kept unattended in the closed gate near the Elm Street entrance.  This policy has been implemented because in the past many parents tied their dogs up on the fences outside the school and along the sidewalks on the way to the school, resulting in a number of incidents where children tried to walk by the dogs and were frightened, and an incident where a dog lunged at a child.  No child should be put at risk of injury by a dog while on campus or on the way to school.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.