• Adding It All Up

    Parents might notice that the homework log has a "practice math facts" section. The third grade teachers offer ideas on how to get your child to practice math facts in this section. One option is to use flashcards. We don't request families to purchase flashcards, nor do we send any home. If your family chooses to buy them, it might be wise to get two sets: addition/subtraction & multiplication/division.
    What we are really after is for our students to be reviewing their math facts (currently addition) on a regular basis outside of school. If your child spends a few minutes maintaining his/her mastery of the addition facts, then your child will be able to focus on more advanced mathematical concepts and procedures. If your child doesn¹t have flashcards here are a few options: roll two dice and add the numbers that come up; pull out the tens & face cards in a deck of cards, and then flip two cards at a time to find the sum of the numbers; have an adult orally ask for sums (a few parents in the past have done this at stoplights in the car)....We just want the kids to be on top of their game with their calculations of addition at this time.