• Home Preparedness Advice 

    Get started this week!

    • CREATE A FAMILY PLAN including out of area phone contact at least 200 miles away.   At minimum the plan should include evacuating, family reunification and child & pet care.
    • GET WATER!!! One gallon per person per day for 5 days.  You can't live long without WATER.  Keep in a safe place in your home.  Keep some WATER in your car.
    • GET CANNED, DRY FOODS that need NO PREPARATION.  Keep in a safe place in your home.  Enough for 3 to 5 days.  (Can opener & a few utensils, paper plates, etc.).  Don't forget pet food.
    • GET A TOOL TO SHUT OFF YOUR GAS IN AN EMERGENCY.  Know where your water and gas shut-offs are located.  SHUT OFF GAS ONLY IF YOU SMELL GAS and do not turn on again until PG&E arrives.  Fires after earthquakes destroy homes and communities. Protect your family and neighbors.
    • SAFETY CHECK your home.  Secure heavy furniture, cabinets, bookcases, mirrors.  Clear brush to make a defensible FIRE SPACE around your home and business.  Check Smoke Alarms and change Batteries at least once a year.
    What more information? Sign up for "Get Ready" training sponsored by the Southern Marin Fire Department.  These are two hour classes offered at various locations in Southern Marin.
    The City of Mill Valley's website has additional information on Emergency Preparedness at:  www.cityofmillvalley.org/ready