• Playground Rules


    Be Safe

    Be Kind

    Be Responsible

    Be Respectful


     BEFORE School Playground Rules (8:00am-8:25am)   

    • Students may not arrive before 8am as there is no supervision. If no Yard Supervisor is present, students are to sit quietly in the Quiet Zone on the bench near the office windows.
    • Students may play basketball/kickball on the lower playground in designated areas only. Our Yard Supervisor will have the final decision if other objects or games are allowed. A safe corridor for families crossing the playground is to be respected. 
    • The upper playground is a "safe zone" for students and families arriving and choosing to socialize before the bell rings at 8:25am. Balls or similar objects are not allowed.
     AFTER School Playground Rules (2:50pm-4:00pm or 1:45pm-4:00pm on Wednesdays)   
    • Unaccompanied students must leave campus when school is dismissed.
    • School sports equipment may not be used after school.
    • Ball games are not allowed after school on the blacktop until the upper campus has been mostly vacated (approx. 3:15pm). Families are collecting children and should be able to move freely and safely across the campus until then. 
    • The turf may only be used with adult supervision.
    • Guardians must supervise their children on the play structures and other areas of campus at all times.
    • The gym is not to be used.
    • Respect students and staff who are part of after school programs. 
    • Students should not be on the lower playground when EDS students are outside.
    • Food is not allowed inside the buildings. After school Pop Club purchases must be consumed outside only and trash deposited in bins.


    General School Playground Rules  
    • All games are open to any student who wants to play.
    • Respect others' physical space.
    • No pushing, fighting, play-fighting (i.e. imaginary guns/swords) or wrestling.
    • The school is not responsible for lost sports equipment. Personal sports equipment should remain in backpacks/classrooms during the day.
    • Hardballs and baseball bats may not be used during school hours.
    • If a ball or other object goes over a fence, inform a yard supervisor. Stay on campus at all times.
    • If you need to enter the building/classroom, inform a Yard Supervisor and take a hall pass.
    • Use the Quiet Zone for talking, reading, or playing quiet gams. Walk quietly through this area.
    • Have a great time!

    Rules for Play Structures

    • Be careful around the play structures. No running or crawling (i.e. tag/chase) around them or jumping from high points.
    • Slide down the slides.