• Lunch Program


    Mill Valley School District students may bring their own lunch from home or order from Choicelunch.


    The Mill Valley School District makes nutritious and tasty lunches available to all of our students through Choicelunch. Choicelunch offers many menu options. With each entree, students may choose from a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, snacks, and beverage to complete a well-balanced meal. All ordering and payments are managed online. 


    Please order meals through ChoiceLunch.

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    2020-21 School Year - Lunch is here!

    The Mill Valley School District will continue to partner with our lunch provider, ChoiceLunch, for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. We continue to participate in the National School Lunch Program and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has permitted us to operate under the Seamless Summer Option (SSO)  which allows for every student to be eligible for a free student lunch on all student days through June 10, 2021.  The district will cover the cost of these meals through one-time State and Federal contributions. All lunches must be pre-ordered from ChoiceLunch


    • Students may bring their own lunch from home or pick up their pre-ordered ChoiceLunch at school. 
    • Visitors are limited on school campuses and therefore, no parent/family deliveries and no deliveries from off-campus food businesses except for contracted lunches from ChoiceLunch.
    • For ChoiceLunch, students must order their lunch by 9:00 am the day before delivery (for example, orders for Monday must be ordered by Sunday morning by 9:00 am and Friday lunches must be ordered by Thursday morning by 9:00 am).
    • Three entree options available each day: Whole meal options include - regular entree or vegetarian or sunbutter and jam plus pre-bagged sides, including milk.


    For families continuing with Extended Distance learning (EDL) until June 10, 2021, please contact Monica Wallace at 415-389-7751 or mwallace@mvschools.org for weekly Choicelunch 5-lunch pack boxes. Please note, lunches for the week (Monday pick-up) must be requested by Thursday at 12 pm.
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  • As participants of the National School Lunch Program, our district provides lunch for free or at a reduced price of 40 cents per meal for families of all of our schools who meet the program eligibility qualifications. To apply, please review the appropriate documents below and submit an application to the school office.