• National School Lunch Program (NSLP) - Free and Reduced Meals

    Great Lunch Options with Choicelunch! 

    The Mill Valley School District is pleased to partner with Choicelunch to provide a school lunch program for this school year.

    • Lots of options-more entree choices and students can choose their own sides 
    • An emphasis on healthy foods, made from scratch 
    • Organic and/or pesticide free whenever possible 
    • Options for food allergies, gluten free, and vegetarians 
    • A focus on sustainability-locally sourced ingredients 
    • Compostable packaging 
    • Online ordering 
    • Kid tested and approved!
      Your Choicelunch = A main dish with a glorious grain, a powerful protein and/or a vital veggie + your choice of ½ C of fresh fruits and veggies.  Now pick just one snack and a milk (For milk alternatives see our Frequently Asked Questions. Don’t forget, you must grab at least three of these five meal components.
    If you would like to learn more about Choicelunch please visit https://order.lunchisserved.com.
    Choicelunch Compliance Poster