The Mill Valley School District believes that appropriate dress contributes to a productive learning environment.  Students should wear clothes that are suitable for all elementary school activities, show respect for the learning environment, and do not pose a distraction for the student or their classmates.  Hats should remain off inside.


    At Old Mill School, the following guidelines shall apply to all school activities:

    • Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times and shall enable students to safely and fully participate in daily physical activities, including recess and P.E.  Flip-flops and sandals are unsafe on an elementary playground.

    • Clothing, jewelry and accessories shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia that are crude, vulgar, profane, sexually suggestive, or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the use of drugs or alcohol.

    • Clothes shall be age-appropriate and sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. Clothing that is "fashion-forward" and keeps with the latest trends may not always be appropriate for the elementary school environment.

    • If a student arrives to school in inappropriate attire or footwear parents will be called to bring a change of clothes for the student.


    The final decision regarding the appropriateness of clothing worn to Old Mill School will be made by the school administration.