• The Garden  



    The Organic Garden provides students the opportunity to experience first hand what goes into producing food and the interdependencies between plants and animals. Students learn about where their food comes from, how to start, care for, and harvest plants, and the benefits of organic gardening. They also have the opportunity to practice their awareness skills, using their senses, investigating, and exploring in a thriving garden ecosystem. They also learn about beneficial insects, pollination, composting and the interconnectedness of the flora and fauna. Each grade has a unique theme that includes hands-on interdisciplinary learning.



    Strawberry Point School's Environmental Education Program is centered on the integrated bay wetlands that are part of the school grounds and the organic garden adjacent to the library.

    Students participate in the outdoor classroom every other week.
    KINDERGARTEN: Changes through the Seasons and Sensory Explorations
    FIRST GRADE: Signs of a Healthy Garden, Beneficial and Harmful Organisms and Local Habitats
    SECOND GRADE: Soil Investigations and Life Cycles
    THIRD GRADE: Native Plants and their Adaptations
    FOURTH GRADE: Wetland Ecosystem and Decomposition
    FIFTH GRADE: Living systems: their Structures and Functions