•  The Wetlands

    Terns in the wetlands


    Strawberry Point School is the only school in Mill Valley with natural bay wetlands on the school grounds. We nurture this invaluable natural resource as a living, outdoor classroom. Students learn a variety of subjects within an ecological context that helps to instill a deep appreciation and stewardship for nature and the environment, and a desire and commitment to work toward a more sustainable world.

    In the school’s experiential Environmental Education Program, students learn ecological science and habitat restoration. Native plants and animals are identified and monitored. Seasonal changes are experienced first-hand within the ecosystem. Migratory birds and butterflies are observed as they make their way along the Pacific Flyway. The wetlands provide a rich and varied environment for students to experience placed based learning, where they can explore their relationship to nature and the environment within all areas of the curricula.

    Here is the detailed history of the wetlands restoration project and development of the Environmental Education program.