• Requesting Evaluation Forms, Recommendation Letters and/or School Records for Private Schools

    When requesting evaluation forms for Private School(s) please follow the Mill Valley School District procedures and steps:


    • All Private School Forms go through the front office. Please contact office staff so they can initiate the process. Please do not go through the teacher(s); they will only refer you back to the school office.

    • The application fee for Private School Letters/Evaluations is a one time fee of $60.00 per student for the school(s) you are interested in for the current school year. Please make checks payable to MVSD and return to the school office.

    • Once payment is received and recorded, the school office will notify the teacher(s) to begin the online private school evaluation form. If the form is not online please bring the form and payment to the office and staff will give it to the teacher(s) directly.

    • The school office will copy and send out progress reports and test scores.

    • There will be no charge for furnishing up to 2 transcripts or two verifications of a former students' records or for reproducing records of a student with a disability when the cost would effectively prevent a parent/ guardian from exercising the right to receive the copies.



    If you have any questions please contact Cathy Wilmoth- Strawberry Point Administrative Assistant at cwilmoth@mvschools.org