Emergency Information

  • Emergency Communications Protocols

    emergency alert

    When incidents happen in our community, we collaborate with our local law enforcement or health department partners. We update you as soon as we are able to safely do so. The steps listed below are a guide to how the District office will be communicating with families:
    1. Website Pop-Up AlertWe have a constant pop-up alert on all pages of our website.  This will state if schools are open or closed.
    2. ParentSquare Alert: We send a ParentSquare alert which generates an instant message to your chosen method of contact.

    3. ParentSquare emailWe send a ParentSquare email post to all district families.

    4. Updates: We will provide updates on the website (pop-up) and with ParentSquare as new information is received.  
    5. Social Media: We update social media if time allows - Instagram, Facebook

    6. Debrief: Following the event, we post a debrief document on our website headlines section and report out with ParentSquare and in the Family Newsletter.

    This is a reminder that should we ever have to close any of our schools because of an emergency situation, prior to school opening for the day, we will send out a ParentSquare alert to all families.  This alert will be sent out between 6:30-7:00 a.m.  No notification will be sent out if schools are open.  Login in to your ParentSquare account to verify your contact information is up-to-date.


    If you are uncertain or wish to double check the status of schools, please go directly to our website where an alert notification bubble will state the current status of our sites.


    For more information about our Emergency Preparedness Plans, please visit this page of our website.