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Garden Faire Poster

Volunteer at the Garden Faire

There are lots of opportunities to help make this year's Garden Faire a success!

Food Booth: Food Sales & Donate Baked Goods (may be day before)
Lemonade Helper: If life gives you lemons...and sugar...make lemonade! 
Ticket Sales: Handle money & ticket sales for the Faire
Snow Cone Booth: A most popular booth! 
Apple Dunking: Cheer on the dunkers with the Men in Kilts
Bottle Flipping: Manage the exciting bottle-flipping contests
Donut Tree: Hang donuts from big shady trees & watch kids eat!
Fishing Game: Gone fishin'
Golden Egg: Need 2 kids and 2 adults per shift for this one! Fun for the whole family
Human Slot Machine: Keep the slots rolling 
Rescue A Pet: Manage the "Adoption Center"
Bird Houses: Handle the hot glue gun. 
Chicken Pillows: Help kids create lavender chicken pillows. Bok bok!
Fairy Houses: Help bring out the magic in these fairy houses. No fairy dust required.
Origami: I-want-more-imgami!
Potions: Guide children in the subtle science and art of potion-making
Wood Sculpture: For those that know their way around a hammer 
Tie-Dying: Help make Edna SpiritWear even more groovy! 
Paint, Cook, Braid, etc.
Face Painting Assistant: Transform kids into super heroes & butterflies!
Hair Extensions: Hair blinging!
Henna Assistant: Help kids pick designs and prepare for tattoo
Live Fairy Helper: Prepare children to meet a real live fairy
Photo Booth: Take tickets & provide props for super fun photos!
Stir Fry with Kristy Kale: Help Kristy craft delicious stir fry 
Set-up Multi-Day Crew: Getting ready for the Faire takes several days. We need your help!
Clean Up Crew: Super important role - we need help breaking down & cleaning up.

Middle School Volunteers


Ways to Help in the Garden

Farmer's Market

You can help harvest, bake using our school-grown produce or help sell our goods at the weekly Farmer's Markets. Click here to sign up now.

Weekly & Daily Jobs

We'll trade you some of our delicious apples and pears for your volunteer time! Click here to sign up!

While many volunteers are needed for Garden special events and work days, the Garden Educator and part-time Assistant also rely on parents and students to help maintain the Garden and outdoor classroom areas. You can pitch in even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, and there’s no need to commit on a regular basis. Just stop by the Garden and check the to-do list on the whiteboard and jump in. Our Garden grows and thrives because of you!

Some examples of weekly and daily jobs:

  • Chicken Friend - care for the chickens on the weekends
  • Wednesday Weeder - tackle weeding in the garden on Wednesday mornings (or other days, too!)
  • Water Wizard - water areas of the garden not on automatic irrigation for a week or weekend
  • Greenhouse Guy/Gal - start and maintain seedlings in the greenhouse 
  • Master of Compost (MC) - help with building, turning, and sifting the compost piles
  • Worm Whisperer - make sure our composting worms are fed regularly and harvest the castings
  • Handy Person - help with various fix-it jobs in the garden
  • Tool Time - keep the garden tools clean and organized
  • Farmer's Market - bake, harvest, sell produce and products at our Farmer's Markets on Wednesdays, after school
  • Classroom Cleaner - help maintain our outdoor classroom by sweeping and wiping down the cabinets and tables and keeping supplies tidy
  • At-Home Volunteer - take garden projects home with you and bring them back when done

Garden Work Days

There are five Garden Work Days during the school year, always held on Sundays from 10 AM to 12 PM, with many jobs for all ages and energy levels. These work days are a great way to get your hands dirty, flex your muscles, and experience the Garden alongside your Edna student(s). Look for announcements about scheduled work days in your student's "Wednesday Folder" and in the weekly PTA newsletter. Garden work days are currently scheduled for Sept 25, Nov 6, Feb 12, Apr 23, and Jun 4. Bring the whole family!

The Garden Faire 

The Garden Faire—the main fundraising event—will be held on Sunday, April 30, 2017. A day-long affair, the Faire is an enormous undertaking that requires volunteers to help with all aspects, from advance planning to logistics to taking charge of booths/ activities to event day staffing to set-up/take-down/clean-up, and much, much more. Look for volunteer recruitment and sign-up information in the Spring.

Garden Craft Sale: Be creative, be a maker! If you want to contribute items to sell at the Garden Craft Sale, which will be held on campus Wednesday through Friday, April 26-28, 2017, email the PTA VP of Garden with your ideas and get ready to get crafty. Excellent opportunity to test the market for the next big Etsy breakthrough!

Please email Garden Educator Kristy McGuire or Lauren Hancock with questions.