Message from Principal Kostelnik

  • Kostelnik
    Dear Parents, 

    On behalf of all Edna Maguire teachers and staff, we are honored to welcome you all to a new school year. Edna Maguire is a truly fun and engaging place to be for everyone because of the positive spirit we all bring to it. We have beautiful buildings and grounds (and our Garden!), but it’s the people -- students, staff, and parents -- who make our school so fantastic.

    We’ve got a great year coming! Teachers sought out valuable training this summer in things like Project Based Learning, the Next Generation Science Standards and their intersection with Mathematics, and creating strong classroom communities, to name a few. Our faculty is outstanding. They are passionate and raring to go, and love your children. The Edna PTA has planned an active year of parent and student activities. The PTA is a wonderful group that we hope 100% of you will join. They invite parents who want to be involved at any level.

    You will soon be hearing more about our staff’s vision for Edna Maguire. We all subscribe to the Mill Valley School District Vision and Mission as embodied in our MVSD Strategic Plan. Under this guiding document, the Edna faculty worked for much of last year discussing what we, in particular, value and believe in four important areas: Community, Learning, Instructional Practices, and Curricular Collaboration. We already do excellent work in these areas. The discussions among our staff were an opportunity to remind us of our common professional values and beliefs. They also focused us on what we want to do next and even better. You will hear more from us about our Edna Values and Beliefs in the PTA Weekly’s Principals’ Message, and through our PTA.

    We love to hear your thoughts about Edna. Contact us or set up a meeting if you have questions, comments, concerns, or compliments!


    Leo Kostelnik, Principal