Car Line

  • The Car Line is a safe and convenient way to drop-off and pick-up students at the Edna Maguire Campus. The success of car line relies on two major components: 1) Drivers follow all the rules of car line and 2) our Volunteers - thank you!

    Car Line Duty

    Car Line only works with volunteers helping at the curb. Even if you don’t use car line, you can help keep Edna students safe by signing up for at least two car line shifts per year.

    Please click on the link for your grade level, find your teacher and the weeks assigned to your class and sign up:

    Car Line Times:

    • Mornings: Monday - Friday: 8:25-8:45am
    • Afternoons Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 2:55-3:15pm; Wednesday: 1:50-2:10pm 

    Using Car Line

    • Main Parking Area: All pick-up and drop-off on school property, including for Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten, will be staged in the main parking area. Traffic will travel the large one-way loop with two lanes: right (outside) lane for loading/unloading students, and left (inside) lane for exiting thru-traffic. The two lanes may begin to form at the far side of the traffic loop.
    • Queue up in right lane: Please queue up in the right (outside) lane if you are unloading or loading students and leave the left (inside) lane for exiting thru-traffic.
    • Use the crosswalks! Please always use the marked crosswalks to cross from the parking lot to the school sidewalk.
    • Speed Limit: 5 MPH
    • Do not use side lot: The side parking lot adjacent to the staff lounge has been converted entirely to staff parking, with additional spaces striped along the curb; no parent car traffic will be permitted in this lot.  On school days, this lot is entirely closed to non-Edna Maguire staff
    • Do not park in right lane during drop off and pick up times: The entire school-side curb is allocated to morning drop off, from the school office back to the playing courts behind the multipurpose room.
    • Do not leave your vehicle unattended at any time while in the Car Line!

    Morning Drop-Off:

    • Prepare for drop-off: As you approach the drop-off area, please be sure you are NOT on your cell phone and that your children are prepared to exit from the right side of the vehicle. Complete conversations and instructions for day before reaching drop off curb. Please do not enter the car line if your child is not ready to exit your vehicle.
    • Queue up in right lane: Please queue up in the right (outside) lane if you are unloading students and leave the left (inside) lane for exiting thru-traffic. NEVER park in either of these lanes, and NEVER unload students in the thru-traffic lane!
    • Pull forward: Pull up to the drop-off curb to unload students.
    • Put car in Park: Please put your vehicle's transmission in Park, or in neutral with the parking brake set. 
    • Unload quickly: Unloading is from the passenger side only. Students may not exit from the left side of a vehicle. We will have 3-5 volunteers on hand to assist students in exiting cars; please encourage your children to be respectful of them - a thanks and a smile goes a long way.If your children are able to exit your vehicle smoothly on their own, you needn't wait for a volunteer to assist with opening your car door and helping unload. However, you must be safely stopped at the designated drop-off curb.


    • For TK/K parents especially - please give first consideration to the parents of our younger children -- the middle parking lot will be available for parent park-and-walk.
    • If you have car seats to leave, please park in the center park-and-walk lot or off-campus, and walk your children and seats in.

    Afternoon Pick-Up:

    This process works best when everyone is aware of the procedures, and respects the rules in place for the safety of our children and our volunteers.

    • Queue up on right: As you approach the pick-up line, please note there are two designated lanes: Please queue up in the right (outside) lane if you are loading students and leave the left (inside) lane for exiting thru-traffic. NEVER park in either of these lanes, and NEVER load students in the thru-traffic lane!
    • Pull Forward: If you arrive early, please pull forward as much as possible and turn your engine off while waiting for the car line to begin.
    • Do not use your Phone: Please stay off of your cell phone while the Car Line is active. Please tell friends, relatives or caregivers who pick up your children that they may not be on their cell phones.

    Thank you for your cooperation in making Car Line safe for all children.

Car Line Calendar

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