• General Reminders


    Please send your child to school with the following:

    • Water bottle as water fountains are closed
    • Form-fitting, breathable mask to wear while on campus
    • Back-up mask in case student needs a fresh one after lunch
    • One snack and full lunch (unless ordering Choice Lunch) that is easy to open and in a labeled container
    • Layered clothing as windows will be open and lunch will be eaten outside


    Please remember:

    • Every person on campus must wear a mask
    • Essential Protective Equipment has been provided for all teachers and staff
    • Windows will be open unless prevented by smoke, cold or rain
    • An air purifier will be running in all classrooms and the office at all times
    • Furniture (indoor and outdoor) is arranged to ensure that the proper distance is maintained 
    • Students with symptoms will rest outside the office or in a monitored Isolation Room, also in the office, until picked up