• Guidelines for Extended Unexcused Absences

    Regular attendance plays an important role in student achievement. The Mill Valley School District no longer conducts an Independent Study Program for students who miss school due to unexcused personal absences. Absences as a result of family vacations are not considered excused under District policy and California Education Code and will be recorded as unexcused.


    It is the responsibility of students who are out of school for unexcused absences to make up any work missed while away. When planned in advance, teachers will make an effort to provide students with assignments and homework during the absence.


    However, there are many assignments, including those taught and completed in the classroom setting, that cannot be made up and which may result in adversely impacting a student’s grades. Students who are out of school due to unexcused absences for more than fifteen (15) consecutive student school days will be removed from their school rolls and must re-enroll with the district upon return. There can be no guarantee that a student, upon re-enrolling, will return to the school and class from which he or she left.


    These guidelines are to be published annually in student directories, and also provided to PTAs for publication in their newsletters at the beginning of each school year.