5 Simple Ways to Join Edna in Going Zero Waste

Sorting Waste
  • Waste in Marin: As of 2015, Marin County citizens were producing, on average, 4.0 pounds per person per day of materials going into our landfill. With roughly 256,000 residents, Marin County was generating 1,024,000 pounds of waste A DAY. We are working with residents, businesses, and schools to decrease this number.

    Here are 5 simple ways you can support this effort:

    1. Talk about Zero Waste with your children and work to create a 3-bin system at home. Pro Tip: Color-coding to match the Mill Valley Refuse bins can strengthen the connection between school and home sorting. Brown = Recycle, Green = Compost, Black/Gray = Landfill
    2. Make 3D posters at home that include examples from your everyday life of recyclable, compostable, and landfill items. Post these near your home receptacles.
    3. Involve your children in packing Zero Waste lunches with reusable containers, refillable water bottles, and washable utensils. Pro Tip: Visit www.zerowastemarin.org/schools/school-resources/ for small ways to make a big impact.
    4. Choose one thing off of this list each month that your family will work to change in your home or when you are out in the community.
    5. Spread the word. Tell your neighbors and friends that Edna is making an effort to reduce our landfill waste and to look out for ways they can help when visiting our campus. 

    For more tips and helpful information, please visit www.zerowastemarin.org