• How To Pick Up Your Student(s) Early


    Please contact your child's teacher to notify them of an early pickup. When you arrive to campus, head to the office. Sign your child(ren) out on the clipboard provided outside. Enter the office and let Angela or Hajara know you're there for a pickup. If your child is in 2nd grade or higher, one of us will call the appropriate classroom and your child will meet you outside the office. If your child is in 1st grade or kindergarten, parents/guardians may walk to the classroom to pick up.


    If your child will be returning to school after their appointment, etc. please sign them back in at the office on the clipboard provided. Your child can then return to their classroom.


    *Note: Oftentimes a child is in a specialty class or in PE on Alto Field. Please arrive with ample time for teachers to get your child ready for an early pickup, as well as for office staff to locate and bring your child to the office.