Mill Valley School District

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Facility Use Rules and Regulations 

1. Certificate of Insurance – Applicant must submit a certificate of insurance no less than seven (7) business days prior to actual facility use. This certificate shall show that they are properly insured ($1,000,000 general liability with combined single-limit or bodily injury and property damage). In addition, this certificate shall name the Mill Valley School District as an “additional insured,” without obligation for payment of premium payments. The application agrees that at all times the school facilities remain under the control of the agents of the governing board of the Mill Valley School District.

2. Deposits – To confirm the dates and times, you will be required to submit a 50% non-refundable deposit.

3. Pre-Payment – applicant shall provide full prepayment no less than seven (7) business days prior to scheduled facility use. Prepayment by check will include total facility use fees as estimated by the MVSD. Final approval is not granted until full prepayment is received.

4. Cancellation Policy – In the event of cancellation by the District a full refund will be issued. In the event of cancellation by the applicant there is no refund of the deposit, but any additional payments made will be refunded.

The applicant agrees that they will be financially responsible for any damages or losses sustained to the school building, furniture, equipment or grounds, accruing through the occupancy or use of said facilities by the applicant.

5. Legal Holidays - Facilities will not be available to rent during legal holidays. Please refer to our calendar for those dates. 

The applicant certifies that they have been informed that it is MVSD policy maintains a tobacco-free environment and the applicant agrees to announce the District’s tobacco-free policy at events being held by their group on MVSD property.

The applicant certifies that they have been informed that is is MVSD policy that animals are not allowed anywhere on MVSD school ground.

No alcoholic beverages, intoxicant or controlled substance in any form shall be brought on the property of the District. Violation of this regulation shall be justification for immediate termination of the event, closing of the facility and denial of the future use requests.

The applicant agrees to enforce the District’s policy at events being held by their group on MVSD property.

The applicant agrees to abide by the hours stipulated in this permit and will be expected to have all individuals participating in the activity out of the rented property at the expiration of the time authorized in this permit.

Any permit for the use of the school facilities may be revoked without prior notice where conflicting dates have resulted or where need of the property for public school purposes has subsequently developed.

During the hours stipulated in this permit, a copy of this permit must be available for inspection at the rented facility upon request of district staff.

In the case of a schedule conflict first priority will be given the school function and will suspend the permit of the holder.