• Community Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) Members

    • Hallie Marshall, Chair
    • Steven Egli
    • Kass Nassiri
    • Jeff Kumatak
    • Melissa McClatchy
    • Stephen DeLapp
    • Jon Curtis
    • Leslie Wachtel
    • Emily Uhlhorn
    • Michele Rollins
    • Natalie Katz, Board Rep
    • Yunhee Yoo, Board Rep


    Community Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC)


    The Superintendent may create advisory committees for special purposes. In recognition of the vital link between educational excellence and local funding and community support, the Superintendent established a broad-based Community Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC).


    Its mission is to advise the Superintendent on matters relating to the long-term financial health of the District.


    To volunteer for CFAC, please review the information below and submit this application form.




    Role of the Community Financial Advisory Committee:


    • Review the Mill Valley School District’s budget on a periodic basis, to identify and analyze important long-term financial trends and issues for Board focus (e.g. enrollment trends, facility costs and use, reserve requirements, dependence on local taxes).


    • Collect, review, and analyze important financial data, trends, community perceptions, and "best practices" that may improve the Superintendent’s decision-making in the financial arena.


    • Provide information and recommendations to the Superintendent in a timely manner, which relates to financial decisions before the Superintendent.


    • Contribute to District communications/outreach efforts aimed at educating the community on financial matters (e.g. newsletters, speaking engagements to community groups).




    The Superintendent appoints all Committee members. The Superintendent will solicit recommendations from members of the business community and others within the District. The application for applying for openings on CFAC will be posted on the District website. The Committee elects its own CFAC Chair. The Committee will be composed of members who have skills, knowledge and experience in financial matters, particularly budgets, policy-making or financial planning. Each member must be a resident of and registered voter within the Mill Valley School District and be willing to serve a two-year term. To encourage greater participation and involvement in our schools by the broader Mill Valley community, the CFAC will be comprised of:


    • Four (4) citizens from the community-at-large, including, but not limited to, those involved in neighborhood associations, realty, business community, environmental, political and sports organizations.


    • Three (3) representatives from the parent community, one from the K-5 level and one from the Middle School.


    • The Board Chair of the Mill Valley School Community Foundation (Kiddo!), or another qualified Board member nominated by the Foundation.


    • An educator or former member of a School Board, not currently employed by the School District.


    Committee meetings are held approximately once per month (with special meetings as needed). Members will serve a two-year term, and terms may be lengthened or shortened accordingly. The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services will serve as the Mill Valley School District staff resource to CFAC, providing information, analysis, and advice to the Committee as necessary. It is the Superintendent's expectation that CFAC members will be willing to lend assistance to the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, by creating working subcommittees, as needed.


    Limitation of Advisory Committees


    The Superintendent possesses certain legal powers and prerogatives which cannot be delegated or surrendered to others. Recommendations by any advisory committee, including CFAC, are not binding and must be submitted to the Superintendent in an advisory capacity only. The Superintendent will accept the recommendations and suggestions with all due diligence but maintains its legal prerogatives. The Superintendent will also ensure that committees act in accordance with applicable Board policies and local, California, and Federal laws.


Last Modified on April 26, 2023