Local Control and Accountability Plan

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    As we begin a new year, we are implementing our LCAP, which reflects the roadmap to the teaching and learning initiatives in our district. 

    We are very proud of our district’s LCAP developed for the 2017-2018 school year. Intentionally narrow in its scope with a focus on teaching and learning, it carries forward our key initiatives to maintain excellent programs with high quality instructional practices across our schools. The LCAP is driven by the Strategic Plan, which serves as the guiding plan for our district. Two of the LCAP goals mirror those of the Strategic Plan, and the third goal is focused on providing social-emotional and academic interventions that aim to better serve students with the greatest need. Here are the LCAP’s three goals and a summary of the actions:

    Goal 1 - Ensure high levels of learning

    • High quality standards-based learning and use of multiple assessment measures
    • Deep-content, inquiry- and project-based learning
    • Differentiated instruction and focus on character education
    • Technology integration
    • Global studies and expansion of world languages at elementary level
    • Current, regular communication

    Goal 2 - Offer effective interventions to meet students’ needs

    • Social-emotional and behavioral supports
    • Academic intervention programs
    • Before/after-school homework programs
    • Build ELD program to support EL students

    Goal 3 - Attract, develop, and retain excellent staff

    • Target top quartile for staff total compensation
    • Quality curricular resources and effective instructional strategies
    • Robust, relevant and differentiated professional development

    In the development of the LCAP, we engaged the community in an ongoing, thorough, and thoughtful process that involved 20 in-person meetings with various stakeholder groups, nine presentations and discussions at Board of Education meetings, and by gathering written feedback from online surveys completed by parents, community members and MVSD staff. These stakeholder engagement opportunities offered different viewpoints and a broad spectrum of ideas to be considered for the LCAP, as well as valuable suggestions to enhance the practices in our schools. With the LCAP and Strategic Plan as the drivers of our work, we look forward to continuing to serve our district’s mission of providing our students with an excellent education that enables all students to achieve academic success and reach their full potential.

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    Attend a LCAP discussion at any of these PTA meetings

    Learn about how the LCAP is connected to what's happening in our schools and your child's learning. Feel free to attend a meeting at your own school or one at another site. The presentations will be the same at all meetings.

    • Edna Maguire – Oct 4, 7 pm, Library
    • Old Mill – Sep 8, 8:45 am, Library
    • Park – Sep 28, 8:30 am, Library
    • Strawberry Point – Sep 15, 8:15 am, MPR
    • Tam Valley – Sep 19, 7 pm, Library
    • Middle School – Sep 28, 9 am, Conference Room

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