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    2021-22 School Year

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    January 13, 2022

    To view the full agenda and presentations that are not highlighted here, please visit  Agenda Online.

    Student Recognition:
    The Board of Trustees recognized two Tam Valley students for using their Toolbox practices to regulate Social Emotional wellness.  Counselor Jason Mountsier introduced students, Elise Allen and Taj Van Horne, who shared their techniques and demonstrated to the Board and staff members how to use the listening and apology/forgiveness tools.

    Board, Staff & Students  Two Students

    Board Recognition:
    Dr. Berman expressed gratitude to the Board, and acknowledged Vice President Emily Uhlhorn for her dedication as MVSD Board President in 2021, as well as for her many other volunteer positions within the school district and community at large.

    • Audit Report:  Habbas Nassar, CPA, of Stephen Roatch Accountancy Corporation presented the independent audit report ending June 30, 2021. This item was approved as presented.
    • Mill Valley’s Housing Element Report:  Kendall Flint, on behalf of the City of Mill Valley, presented on Mill Valley's Housing Element, a report which outlines the challenge in finding the number of affordable housing units required by the State.  Members of the public are invited to participate in developing a plan for housing alternatives within Mill Valley.  You can find more information here.
    • Bond Polling Results:  EMC Research shared polling results completed in December which indicated that there seemed to be enough support for a bond to pass at the 55% margin required. Emily Uhlhorn and Elli Abdoli were selected to assist staff in preparing a resolution and developing messaging.  Dr. Berman introduced Jessica Newman, a MVSD parent who has volunteered to Chair the campaign.
    • School Accountability Report Cards (SARC):  The Board approved the 2020-21 SARCs which will now be submitted to the California Department of Education (CDE) before the February 1st deadline.  The SARCs can be found on our website and paper copies are available from the District Office upon request. 

    December 13, 2021
    To view attachments related to the presentations summarized below, and those not highlighted, please view the board meeting agenda.

    During the Annual Organizational meeting, Trustees elected their 2022 officials. Todd May was elected as President and Emily Uhlhorn as Vice-President. Michele Crncich-Hodge was appointed as MVSD Representative for the Marin County School Boards Association.  The Board also assigned their roles as school site representatives and other committee positions which can be seen here.  


    Students, Board and Staff with certificates

    • The Board of Trustees recognized four Old Mill students for using their Toolbox practices to regulate Social Emotional wellness.  Counselor, Meredith Mishel introduced students, Cooper Howson (K), Lydia Shemyakin (1st), Mira Wulfstat (1st) and Rio Jennings (K). The students demonstrated for the Board their techniques and eloquently described how they had each used these tools.  The Toolbox skills connect to our LCAP and Strategic Plan Goals that each student receives instruction and support that ensures high levels of personal and academic growth.
    • Public Comment: Middle School 8th grader, Zoe Pletcher shared her support and interest in the district pursuing a wellness center at MVMS.  Acting Principal, Ms. Reyherme will be working with her counseling team, staff, and students, to gather recommendations on the best way to move forward.   This item will be reported on at a meeting in Spring next year.
    • Superintendent’s Report:  Dr. Berman reported on the latest COVID notifications and recommendations, the change to the 2021-22 school calendar, vaccination clinics and plans for Universal Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten.  Registration information will be published in mid January. 
    • 2021-22 Budget Revision & First Interim Financial Reports:   Assistant Superintendent Dr. Michele Rollins summarized the main points of the overall budget for the Board, including revenues and expenses, and the revisions due to state and federal one-time COVID funds. Dr. Rollins answered questions on the future impacts that Universal TK and an expanded lunch program will have on the budget.  The Board approved the budget revision and positive certification of the first interim which will now be submitted to the County Office of Education for review.



    November 4, 2021

    To view attachments related to the presentations summarized below, and those not highlighted, please view the board meeting agenda.

    The Board, Superintendent, MVTA, CSEA and a member of the teaching staff all thanked Julio Arroyo and his team for all their hard work getting our facilities open and repaired for students after the recent storm.  Other highlights were: 

    • G.9. Student/Teacher Calendars 2022-23 & 2023-24: The Board approved the student and staff calendars for 2022-23 and 2023-24.  In preparation for calendar development, the District conducted a survey on the school schedule during elementary parent-teacher conferences, which for many years has been two weeks of early dismissal (five hours of school per day) in November. Over 500 people responded to the survey, with a large majority responding that the current schedule was challenging for them due to child care and other concerns. Based on suggestions from the survey, and in collaboration with the teachers’ union, the school schedule for elementary schools during conferences in 2022-23 and 2023-24 will be one week of minimum days (four hours of school per day).  In addition, where possible school start and end dates and recesses for both school years have been aligned with the Tam Union High School district schedule.
    • H.1. Educator Effectiveness Funds Local Plan: Laura Myers, Director of Curriculum and Instructions & Student Support Services, reviewed and provided an explanation of the 2021-26 Educator Effectiveness Funding Plan.  This item will be brought back to the Board for approval at the December meeting.
    • H.2. Substitute Teacher Pay Schedule Increase Effective December 1, 2021: The Board approved the staff recommendation to amend the pay schedule for substitutes, effective as of December 1, 2021.  This action was to ensure that MVSD remains consistent and competitive with other Marin County school districts.
    • H.4.  Board Meeting Schedule for 2022: The board agreed that all 2022 Board meetings will be scheduled for 4:30 p.m. The board adopted the recommended Board meeting dates with elimination of the May 12th meeting.

    October 20, 2021 - Special Board Workshop

    On October 20th, the Board met for a Special Board Workshop which highlighted some of the many aspects of Facility Master Planning.    

    • C.1 - Bonding Capacity:  Greg Isom of Isom Advisors presented the Board with information regarding the possibility of a school improvement bond measure for the District. Mr. Isom provided information regarding the District's bond and assessed value history along with potential timelines as it relates to exploring feasibility of bond measures in the future.  The presentation can be viewed here.
    • C.2 - Polling Strategies and Proposal:  Charles Health of TBWBH Strategies outlined for the board the scope of work TBWBH would provide to the District should services be required.  These services include polling of the community to gauge reaction to a potential bond initiative, reporting and guidance on public outreach and campaign strategies, and subsequent polling as any campaign is conducted.  The Board discussed and Mr. Heath answered questions before the Board voted 5-0 to approve an initial contract with TBWBH Strategies to canvas the community. A informational mailer will be sent in the upcoming week. 
    • C.3. - Marin Clean Energy:  MCE gave a presentation of renewable power programs, specifically their “Deep Green” program, explained how renewable power works, the environmental benefits, and the cost to the end user as a potential alternative to in-house solar panels or other alternative physical elements.  The board will consider taking action to approve this new program at the November 4th meeting. 
    • C.4. - Facility Master Planning:  PBK-WLC staff presented to the board their report on work with the district stakeholders to-date regarding future facility planning.  Staff covered topics from recently completed tasks, facility assessments, demographic information, funding eligibility, stakeholder engagement, a facilities dashboard and next steps.  We appreciate the input of our students, parents, and staff over the past several weeks. We will share more information on specific projects and plans in the coming months. 

    October 7, 2021

    To view attachments related to the presentations summarized below, and those not highlighted, please view the board meeting agenda.

    • C.1. - Targeted Instruction 2021-2022
      Staff gave a presentation about targeted instruction models aligned to LCAP goals marin (Goal 1, Action 3; Goal 2, Actions 2 and 3) and also aligning to the actions of the Extended Learning Opportunities plan actions.  To see the full presentation, click here. 
    • I.1. - California School Dashboard Local Indicators
      The California School Dashboard provides state-level data related to student academic achievement, English Learner progress, and suspension and chronic absenteeism. Additional information related to six local indicators is provided directly from school districts. These local indicators are tied to the State priorities.  A requirement of the Dashboard is for the local indicators to be brought to the local governing School Board each Fall. The local indicators that will submitted to the Dashboard by October 15, 2021 can be seen here.   More discussion about the Dashboard will be shared during our LCAP stakeholder engagement work.
    • J.1. - Public Participation for Board Meetings
      The board discussed public participation for board meetings after Staff recommended holding in-person meetings and allowing public participation for meetings both in person and through streaming.  The Board also discussed monitoring the level of use of the streaming services.

    September 13, 2021


    The Board of Education and staff recognized four students for using Toolbox practices to regulate Social Emotional wellness.  These practices connect to our Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Strategic Plan Goal that each student receives equitable, articulated, relevant, standards-based instruction and support that ensures high levels of personal and academic growth.  The students and school counselor, Jen Ferrer, demonstrated their Toolkit skills and practiced them with the Board and staff.  

       Board of Trustees                Students & Teacher               

    The students recognized were:

    • Asher Kim (2nd Grade)
    • Avery Lawrence (1st Grade)
    • Cleo Tomnay (5th Grade)
    • Vinny Abbenante (5th Grade)

    J.1 Maintenance, Operations and Safety: Summer 2021 Progress

    Julio Arroyo, Director of Maintenance, Operations and Safety presented a districtwide summer project progress report.            

    The Board thanked Julio and his team for their dedication and hard work ensuring the safety of our students and staff.

    K.1. Unaudited Actuals Financial Reporting 2020-2021

    Assistant Superintendent Dr. Michele Rollins presented the 2021-22 Unaudited Actuals.  This is an annual reporting which reflects the financial activities of the Mill Valley School District in which the data are not yet audited.  The 2020-21 Unaudited Actuals were approved by the Board and will now be submitted to the Marin County Office of Education.   The independent audit report will be available on December 15, 2021.  The full presentation is available here.

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