Trustees for the Mill Valley School District are volunteers elected by the district voters for a term of four years.  Elections for this unpaid position are held every other year in November.  The next election of Trustees is November 2018. 
    Board of Trustees
    Marco Pardi, Robin Moses, Todd May, Leslie Wachtel, Bob Jacobs
    Trustees:  (term expires)

    Robin B. Moses (2018)

    contact information:

    e-mail robinbmoses@gmail.com

    ph# 381-5795

    Leslie Wachtel (2020)

    contact information:

    e-mail mvleslieann@yahoo.com

    ph# 990-1415

    Bob Jacobs (2020)

    contact information:

    e-mail biobob28@gmail.com

    ph# 933-0603

    Todd May  (2018)

    contact information:

    e-mail maytoddh@hotmail.com

    ph# 378-7759

    Marco Pardi (2018)

    contact information:

    e-mail marcopardimvsb@gmail.com

    ph# 389-8942

    Board Members act as liaisons to our schools.  This system helps facilitate communication between the Board and each school.  The Board welcomes dialogue with the community.

    The role of the Board covers four broad areas of responsibility:

    • Establishing a vision for the District
    • Establishing an effective and efficient organizational structure
    • Ensuring accountability
    • Advocating on behalf of children and public education

    In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the Board

    • selects and evaluates the superintendent
    • sets policy for hiring of personnel
    • adopts and evaluates policies
    • adopts and monitors curriculum
    • adopts budgets and monitors the District's fiscal accountability for the long term
    • negotiates and adopts collective bargaining agreements
    • creates an environment that promotes excellence and enhanced communication among our various constituencies.

    2018 Board Officers

    President:  Robin Moses
    Vice-President/Clerk:  Leslie Wachtel

    Representative Assignments/Liaisons  

    School Liaisons: interact regularly with site administrator & parent organizations
      - Edna Maguire:        Leslie Wachtel
      - MV Middle:             Robin Moses
      - Old Mill:                 Leslie Wachtel
      - Park:                     Todd May/Bob Jacobs
      - Strawberry Point:   Bob Jacobs
      - Tamalpais Valley:   Marco Pardi/Robin Moses
    City of Mill Valley: Todd May

    Funding  Alliance: collaborative of representatives from Board, District & Kiddo
    -  Robin Moses/Leslie Wachtel

    It Takes a Village (ITAV): support group for parents of MVSD students who learn differently - Bob Jacobs

    Kiddo! Board:  connection with schools foundation & community -  Marco Pardi/Leslie Wachtel

    Marin County Joint Legislative Advisory Committee (JLAC): group lobbies for key issues at state and federal levels -  Bob Jacobs
    Marin County School Boards Association: collaborative of all county school boards -  Marco Pardi
    Mill Valley Community Finance Advisory Committee (CFAC):  Robin Moses
    PTA Council: connection with all local PTA leadership -  Bob Jacobs/Leslie Wachtel
    Special Ed Summit:  Robin Moses/Leslie Wachtel
    Strategic Plan Steering Committee:  Robin Moses/Leslie Wachtel
    Communications Forecast Committee:  Robin Moses/Leslie Wachtel
Last Modified on October 10, 2018