MVSD - Important Information to Know 


    Sharon Nakatani

    Term 2022-2026


    Sharon Nakatani, Board President - Sharon Nakatani is the current President of the Board of Education after being elected to the Board in November 2022, and serving as Vice President for one year.  Sharon is currently the Board liaison on the following: Mill Valley Middle School, City of Mill Valley, and E2 Collaborative.


    Natalie Katz

    Term 2022-2026



    Natalie Katz, Vice President/Clerk - Natalie was elected to the Board of Education in 2022 and was elected as Vice President for 2024.  She currently serves as Board liaison to: Edna Maguire Elementary, It Takes a Village (ITAV), Kiddo!, and Community Finance Advisory Committee (CFAC).  She is a resident of Mill Valley and the parent of 2 children in the district. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Emory University, and spent the majority of her professional career in Human Resources across various industries. Since moving to Mill Valley, Natalie has been actively involved in volunteer roles in the classroom and with the PTA at both Edna Maguire Elementary and Old Mill Elementary School, as well as a volunteer coach and team manager with Mill Valley Soccer Club. 

    Elli Abdoli  

      Elli Abdoli 

    Term 2020-2024


    Elli Abdoli, Trustee - Elli was elected to the Board of Education in November 2020 and currently serves as Board liaison on the following: Strawberry Point Elementary, Kiddo!, Marin Joint Legislative Advisory Committee (JLAC) and PTA Council.  Elli is a Mill Valley resident, and a parent of 3 children in the district. She has been a Government Ethics Attorney at a Marin law firm since 2007. Elli graduated with a J.D. from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley. She has been actively involved at Strawberry Point School as a classroom volunteer and has participated in district committees including the Transition Taskforce, the LeCAP, and LCAP.   

    michele c hodge

    Michele Crncich Hodge

    Term 2020-2024



    Michele Crncich Hodge, Trustee (Former Board President):  Michele Crncich Hodge was elected to the board in November 2020.  Michele currently serves as Board liaison on the following committees: Park Elementary; E2 Collaborative and Marin County School Boards Association.  Michele was a teacher, principal, administrator, and parent to a Mill Valley School District student. She holds an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne, La Fetra College, a Master of Arts in Education, Reading from the University of Southern Oregon, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and French from the University of California, Berkeley.  


    Yunhee Yoo

    Term 2022-2026


    Yunhee Yoo, Trustee - Yunhee was elected to the Board of Education in 2022, and currently serves as Board liaison to: Tam Valley Elementary, It Takes a Village (ITAV), City of Mill Valley, Marin Joint Legislative Advisory Committee (JLAC), and Community Finance Advisory Committee (CFAC).  Yunhee spent over 25 years in finance, most recently as the chief investment officer and a co-founder of a distressed / credit focused hedge fund.  Under her management, funds outperformed relevant market benchmarks every year and had over 87% positive months over 97 months of investing. She has significant experience investing across a variety of different sectors and instruments, including syndicated bank debt, high yield, distressed investments as well as private debt and leveraged buyouts. She sat on the board of directors of private companies and structured, led and executed complex financial transactions. 


    Role of the Board


    Board members act as liaisons to our schools.  This system helps facilitate communication between the Board and each school.  The Board welcomes dialogue with the community.


    The role of the Board covers four broad areas of responsibility:


    • Establishing a vision for the District
    • Establishing an effective and efficient organizational structure
    • Ensuring accountability
    • Advocating on behalf of children and public education


    In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the Board:

    • selects and evaluates the superintendent
    • sets policy for hiring of personnel
    • adopts and evaluates policies
    • adopts and monitors curriculum
    • adopts budgets and monitors the District's fiscal accountability for the long term
    • negotiates and adopts collective bargaining agreements
    • creates an environment that promotes excellence and enhanced communication among our various constituencies.

    Communication with the Board 

    • It is essential that important and accurate information be communicated to members of the board, the staff, and the community in as timely a fashion as possible. 
    • The governance team recognizes that some situations have legal or other considerations that may place restrictions on what may be told to the media or public. 


    • The governance team commits to speaking with one voice. The designated spokesperson will vary depending on the issue or situation: 
      • Crisis/Disaster: The superintendent is the primary spokesperson and may involve the board president at his or her discretion. The superintendent will also coordinate with the county office of education for additional information and resources. 
      • Non-Crisis: The board president and the superintendent will serve as primary spokespersons. 
    • Emails/documents to Board: If a communication is sent to a board member, the board member will forward that information to the Superintendent. The superintendent or board president will respond. 
    • Board members may not communicate with more than one member on a topic outside of publicly agendized meetings. Communications may be shared with the superintendent and then shared with all board members.


    If you would like to communicate with the Board outside of the meeting, you may send your correspondence via email to all Trustees and the Superintendent at  LetterstotheBoardofTrustees@mvschools.org.  These letters will not be considered public comment and will not be read aloud during the meeting.


    2024 Board Officers

    • President:  Sharon Nakatani
    • Vice-President/Clerk:  Natalie Katz

    Representative Assignments

    School Liaisons:

    •   Edna Maguire: Natalie Katz    
    •   MV Middle: Sharon Nakatani      
    •   Old Mill:  Natalie Katz
    •   Park: Michele Crncich Hodge            
    •   Strawberry Point: Elli Abdoli     
    •   Tamalpais Valley: Yunhee Yoo 


    • PTA Council: Elli Abdoli & Natalie Katz
    • It Takes a Village (ITAV):  Natalie Katz & Yunhee Yoo
    • Kiddo! Board: Ellie Abdoli & Natalie Katz
    • Community Finance Advisory Committee (CFAC): Natalie Katz & Yunhee Yoo
    • Measure G Steering Committee: Sharon Nakatani


    • Marin County Joint Legislative Advisory Committee (JLAC): Elli Abdoli & Yunhee Yoo
    • Marin County School Boards Association (MCSBA): Michele Crncich Hodge
    • Efficiency & Effectiveness (E2) Collaborative: Michele Crncich Hodge & Sharon Nakatani
    • City of Mill Valley: Sharon Nakatani & Yunhee Yoo



Last Modified on February 2, 2024