• return to full-day in-person learning


    MVSD Board of Trustees Decision To Return To Full-Day In-Person Learning


    Thank you for your continued partnership and support as our students have been learning on campus and in Extended Distance Learning. Our teachers have engaged students in wonderful moments of learning and demonstrated such flexibility in these ever-changing times. The home-school connection continues to be of paramount importance to us as a district as we continue to focus on developing each of our Mill Valley learners.


    We have an important update for our school community:

      • On February 11th, based on public health guidance, our Board of Trustees directed our staff to plan a return to full day instruction for students. 
        • The Board of Trustees have directed staff to make this shift at the earliest possible date. 
        • The superintendent identified this could be as early as April 12, 2021. 
        • The board affirms that access to vaccination is important for staff who will be in person with full cohorts.  
        • We will move forward once all in-person staff members have been offered both doses of the vaccine. 
        • We will alert our staff when Marin County Office of Education releases vaccination dates for Priority II staff. If Priority I staff missed their vaccination dates they may join Priority II. We will provide an update on our re-entry date for full day instruction at that time. 
        • Once the second dose is released to our staff, we will confirm our date for re-entry to full day instruction. 


    • Staff will now begin planning and collaborating with stakeholders to accomplish this goal. 


    The February 11, 2021 board meeting recording and highlights are available here


    Below is a timeline for return to full-day in-person instruction, following the Board of Trustees’ direction.





    Thursday, February 11

    Board Meeting Discussion and Decision made for Mill Valley School District to return to full-day in-person instruction

    Friday, February 12

    Update to Staff & Families; Principals Meet to Develop Plans

    Feb. 15-19, 2021

    Mid-Winter Recess

    Monday and Tuesday, February 22 and 23

    Finalize school schedules; CSEA negotiations with District 

    Monday, February 22 and Wednesday, February 24

    School site staff meeting & updates regarding plans; Collect questions and feedback from teachers

    February 23

    Mill Valley Middle School Staff Brown Bag Lunch Zoom chats with Dr. Berman & team

    February 25

    Tam Valley & Edna Staff Brown Bag Lunch Zoom chats with Dr. Berman and team

    February 26

    Strawberry Point, Old Mill, and Park Staff Brown Bag Lunch Zoom chats with Dr. Berman & team

    Friday, February 26

    Provide update to families & staff

    Monday, March 1

    March Public Health Schools Update, 1-2pm - Opportunities for staff to engage in discourse with Dr. Santora, Deputy Public Health Officer.

    Monday, March 1

    All district staff have been offered the COVID-19 vaccine

    Wednesday, March 3

    Shared ParentSquare form with families to assist with planning

    Saturday, March 6

    First "Super Saturday" school district staff vaccinations



    Monday, March 15

    Additional desks delivered and rooms prepared by Maintenance, Operations, & Safety team


    March 9, 16, and 23

    Negotiations with MVTA


    Thursday, March 11

    Board Meeting 4:30 p.m- District Update regarding plans


    Saturday, March 13

    Second "Super Saturday" school district staff vaccinations


    Saturday, March 27

    Second dose of vaccine from March 6th first dose for school district staff


    Saturday, April 3

    Second dose of vaccine from March 13th first dose for school district staff


    April 5-9, 2021

    Spring Break 


    Earliest return: April 12 

    43 days of full day in person learning


    *COVID-19 Surveillance Testing for any student, staff member, or community member available every Monday and Tuesday behind the Mill Valley Middle School gym







    Mill Valley School District Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding the Return to Full Classrooms and Full-Day In-Person Instruction

Why Change?

  • What are the drivers behind this change?

  • Why change when there are only 2 months of school left?

  • Does the board have an intended outcome for a return to full-day?

  • What research or information is used for decision making?

  • From what lens does the district make decisions?

  • When did the district first share information related to a return to full classroom full-day in-person learning?

  • How is the district planning for full-day in-person learning?

  • What will MVSD do if there are changes or developments during the planning process?


  • Will Extended Distance Learning (EDL) continue?

  • What will the bell schedule be for elementary?

  • What will the schedule look like for Mill Valley Middle School?

  • Given lunch and recess, how much more instruction will the students receive?

  • If the day is longer, will students still have work to complete, or classes to zoom into after in-person school?

  • Will art, physical education, library, and music (specials) start back up in person?

  • What will Special Education services look like with the extended day?

COVID-19 Protocols

  • April 12th is right after spring break. Do those who are traveling need to quarantine when they return or can we do distance learning for the week?

  • Now that you are looking at full cohorts being on campus, will you have the entire school enter and exit at the same time?

  • Does the district meet current Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines?

  • Why is the district allowed to open in a full-day capacity when we have high community transmission?

  • Will county guidance change?

  • Are our schools safe?

  • How does California data tracking align with the CDC tiers?


  • What percentage of general teachers have been vaccinated so far?

  • Do teachers need to be vaccinated in order to return full-day in-person?

Classroom Assignments

  • Will those that were told they can continue with extended distance learning (EDL) be permitted to do so?

  • For children currently in EDL, can we use this opportunity to switch to In-person?

  • Will any students be required to change teachers?

  • What will EDL look like from April 12th to June 10th?

Classroom Configuration

  • How will the rooms be set up to accommodate all the kids and 4-feet of distance?

  • Why did the district purchase single desks?

  • How can we feel confident that 4 ft is adequate spacing?

  • With the increased school hours, how will you give students movement opportunities? Will there be outdoor time to let out energy?


  • What will lunch look like?

  • How will the kids be spaced out during snack or lunch times with no masks, and how is this controlled?

  • What will the rainy day schedule look like?

Teachers & Staff

  • Do teachers and staff support this change?

  • Does the teachers union (MVTA) support this change?

  • Does the classified union (CSEA) support this change?

  • What is bargained/negotiated?