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  • June 2022

    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    Enclosed are your child’s i-Ready results from the 2021-2022 end-of-year Diagnostic Assessment. As you begin to look over your child’s report, please use the explanation in this letter to better understand this illustration of your child’s skills and abilities in relation to grade-level standards. A more detailed description of this report is available here and at i-Ready's Family Center.


    i-Ready diagnostic assessments are computer-based assessments that adjust to each child’s mathematics and reading ability levels. If your child took an i-Ready diagnostic assessment this school year, this end-of-year check started with content based on those prior results and progressed from there. As your child answers each question, the test adapts based upon your child’s responses. The questions become easier if the answers are incorrect and get more challenging as correct answers are provided. Students will see challenging questions. By finding what students can do, and cannot yet do, the system is able to provide a more accurate description of your child’s instructional level. This type of assessment individualizes every testing experience so that it more accurately measures your child’s ability.  


    The assessment data is to help understand where your child is in relation to grade-level standards, to provide for practice and assignments at your child’s academic level, and to monitor academic growth this school year. 


    This data is just one piece of information about your child and their abilities. As you look at these results, please keep in mind that the environment in which your child took previous i-Ready assessments may have been different from the Spring administration. A lot of things can affect a student’s score, and there are many more factors beyond i-Ready that go into assessing the whole child and their abilities. While these scores give us data to help plan for next year, they should not be looked at as the only measure by which to determine what your child has learned this year or as the only way to measure their successes and challenges.


    In addition to the diagnostic assessment, i-Ready also provides instruction and practice in mathematics and reading content. The MyPath i-Ready lessons are assigned to each student individually based on their unique needs as shown on the diagnostic assessment. Teachers can also assign lessons to reinforce concepts taught in class or for review of previously taught concepts. Working on i-Ready lessons for 30-45 minutes per subject (mathematics and reading) per week is recommended. 


    Students have access to i-Ready over the summer. Email ipadsupport@mvschools.org for help accessing i-Ready. You can use i-Ready as part of your MVSD Summer Learning Challenge. Find out more at www.mvschools.org/summerlearning.


    If you have questions regarding your child’s scores, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or school principal.  



    Laura Myers 

    Director of Educational Services