• Image of bondsMill Valley School District Parcel Taxes and Bonds

    District Finances

    The Mill Valley School District is a ‘basic aid’ or community-funded district due to the current enrollment and assessed property valuation.  


    Parcel Taxes

    The Mill Valley K-8 schools of Edna Maguire, Old Mill, Park, Strawberry Point, and Tam Valley Elementary Schools and the Mill Valley Middle School provide an outstanding education to local students, thanks to local funding that provides $11.8 million each year and accounts for 25% of the district budget. The parcel tax funding keeps qualified and experienced teachers in the classroom and protects high-quality academics.  Every dollar is locally-controlled and directly supports students. The parcel tax expires June 30, 2029, and the supplemental parcel tax expired June 20, 2021.


    What Does the Parcel Tax Support?

    • Attracting and keeping skilled, qualified teachers 
    • Keeping school libraries open 
    • Maintaining relatively small class sizes 
    • Protecting physical education classes 
    • Ensuring access to qualified and trained counselors 
    • Funds will continue to be kept local and used exclusively for Mill Valley elementary and middle schools 


    Bond Measures

    Our District has taken every step to manage its budget wisely and maintains AAA credit rating—the highest rating possible—from Moody’s Investors Service and S&P Global when refinancing bonds to save taxpayers up to $1.7 million over the duration of the bond period.  There are only 8 school districts in the State of California with this distinction of AAA credit rating from both agencies.


    The district completed a Facilities Needs Assessment in fall of 2019. The Mill Valley Middle School currently has extensive facility needs, from structural, heating and cooling, and roofing repairs to classroom modernization needs. The Mill Valley School District Board of Trustees is currently exploring a potential bond measure to address these issues.