• PUBLIC NOTICE - Surplus Property

    On an as-needed, on-going basis, the Mill Valley School District in Mill Valley, California will be disposing of surplus property by public auction, eBay, sealed bid, or another appropriate method of disposal.

    Surplus items may be sold at public auction on eBay through user baycity-surplus and auction links can be seen at www.baycitysurplus.com. An auction is planned to begin on Monday, October 26th and ending on November 2nd. The following categories of items are to be sold in round #1:
    - Recycle/trash containers
    - GMC Van (non-working)
    - Mowers, High Weed Mower, Leaf collection machine
    - Mulch machine
    - Echo Leaf Blower Pack
    - Sit-down riding mower
    - miscellaneous

    Bay City Surplus may be reached via email at richard@baycitysurplus.com and by phone at 1-800-870-6006.

    The disposal of surplus District personal property will be conducted in accordance with the California Education Code.