Focus Group: Student View

  • Questions/Issues to Explore:


    • How do we determine how students feel about their remote learning experience?
    • How do we determine what aspects of remote learning they enjoy?  What aspects would they like to improve?
    • Can we get information on how students would respond to potential learning structures for the the fall?


    Potential general scenarios for learning in the fall:


    • Traditional Learning:  School buildings open with intensive mitigation strategies, student cohorts, and physical distancing
    • Hybrid Model: Limited or staggered use of school buildings. May result in alternating schedules and remote learning.
    • Remote Learning: Implement remote learning district wide.


    The district is planning for all models. However, the model used will be determined based on whether our county is experiencing low, moderate or wide spread of the virus, state and county health guidance, and best practice for the health and safety of students and staff.


    Focus Group Reports


    When Available

  • Focus Group Meeting Dates

    June 4, Full Task Force Meeting


    June 17, 11:30am-12:30pm, Student Focus Group Meeting


    June 18, Full Task Force Meeting

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