MVSD Transition Task Force

  • What Does the Task Force Do?


    Due to the nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, the landscape for our school district is changing from day to day. The district will be preparing a learning plan for the fall that is flexible given the changing facts, adheres to the guidelines of the state and county health departments, and prioritizes the safety and learning outcomes of all of our students. There are myriad ways to structure learning to meet these goals.


    MVSD Transition Task Force purpose:

    • To contribute to focused conversations related to the impact on our students, teachers, staff, family and community for district leadership and staff to make fully informed decisions that incorporate the perspectives of the full community;
    • To focus on students' academic and social-emotional needs; and
    • To support a transparent and collaborative transition process, ensure a balanced approach, and contribute to improved communication.


    To learn more about how the Transition Task Force will work toward these goals, and to keep informed of the progress of the Task Force, please review the Task Force Meeting Agenda outlines, and detailed agenda and notes from each meeting when they are available.

    Who Is On the Task Force?

    The Transition Task Force is made up of a wide representation of members of our district community.  We hope to have the interests of all students, teachers, staff and community members represented during the discussions. Participants include certificated staff from elementary and middle schools, classified staff from elementary and middle schools, principals and administrators, parents, Board of Trustee members and reprentatives from other district supporting organizations. 


    Full list of Task Force Members and Facilitators


    Task Force Focus Groups

    The Task Force established a number of Focus Groups at the first Task Force meeting on June 4. Each Focus Group has been provided with an area of focus and goals. Focus Group will meet on their focus area in meetings June 15-17.


    The following Focus Groups will be established:

  • How to Participate

    • APPLY to be a Task Force Member (applications closed May 21)
    • ATTEND Task Force Meetings (all meetings open to the public)
    • PREPARE for meetings through research and outreach
    • READ the resources at the links below
    • REVIEW meeting agendas and notes here

  • Task Force Meeting Schedule

    June 4

    June 18

    June 25

    July 30

    August 6


    All meetings held 9-10am

    Focus Group Meetings will be held June 15-17.  Times listed on Focus Group pages.


    A new Task Force meeting has been scheduled for September 17th at 3:30 pm


    Full Schedule, Agendas and Notes