What is the class size of each Kindergarten?

    Kindergarten classes within the district have averages of 20 to 24 students and depend on the fluctuation of students who register balanced with those who move away in any given year.

     What are the Kindergarten hours?

    Please view the bell schedule for your school site to see the Kindergarten hours. 

    What is the curriculum and instruction?

    Classes provide a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. The learning process is an active one in which students engage in cooperative, hands-on experiences, as well as academically focused lessons related to kindergarten learning targets.  To learn the specific standards covered, view the Common Core standards.

    This core curriculum in the classroom is supplemented by art, music, dance, and library classes, along with a pilot of Spanish classes, all of which are supported in part by Kiddo!, our district foundation.

    How do I know if my child is ready for Kindergarten?

    Your child's preschool teacher is your best guide but social/emotional maturity can play a big part in kindergarten success. Children who can already take turns, share with others, delay gratification, cooperate and sit and listen for 10 to 15 minutes are usually developmentally ready for kindergarten. In the spring you and your child will be invited to an orientation at the school to which your child has been placed. If you remain uncertain about readiness, you can speak to the kindergarten teachers at that time.

    Is before and/or after school child care available at each school?

    Bright Horizons offers high-quality day care at our elementary campuses.  Once your child has been assigned to a school, parents will receive information and registration guidelines from Bright Horizons about their programs.

    The contact person at each site is:

    Park EDS: Trish Woods, Trish.Woods@brighthorizons.com

    Old Mill EDS: Beth Conroy, beth.conroy@brighthorizons.com

    Strawberry EDS: Nehad El​Sayed, nehad.elsayed@brighthorizons.com

    Edna McGuire EDS: Karla Gamboa, karla.gamboa@brighthorizons.com

    Tam Valley EDS: Carrie Moehnke, tamvalley@brighthorizons.com