Global Citizenship Videos

  • Each week a team of students will be responsible for teaching the class on a particular theme.  They will be sharing videos that show good things happening in the world, facts and information that we should know, or other interesting topics.  These should be under 5 minutes unless you have teacher permission.  

    So, this is how it works

    1) think of a theme with your team that your wants to teach

    2) select current event(s) that have to do with this theme

    3) select videos, one per day to show the class


    Send you info and links to Ms. Miller by 8am, the Monday morning of your week.  I will post them here for others to watch after we share them in class.


    Here are some links I have used already that you should know:

    The UN Sustainablilty Goals


    Dear Future Generations, I'm sorry.