• School Supplies List

    Posted by Nance Miller on 8/10/2016

    For 7th grade CORE:

    __ 2 top-loading plastic folders (they look like a manilla envelope, but are made of plastic)  OR a plastic accordion folder if you cannot find the envelope folders

    __ 1 Spiral bound notebook - with pockets 

    __ pencils!!

    __ hand sharpener NOT ELECTRIC please!

    __ colored pencils (we will use these often)

    __ fine tipped sharpie, or other black marker

    __ one composition book 

    __ binder paper, only a bit as we will be using iPads

    __ glue sticks - very important

    __ a reading book - BRING THE FIRST DAY PLEASE!


    __ scissors

    __ stapler


    6th grade Connections:

    __ pencil and sharpener (not electric please)

    __ colored pencils

    __ a composition book


    __ scissors

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  • P-13 Movies

    Posted by Nance Miller on 8/10/2016
    From time to time the seventh grade staff may want to show a movie for educational purposes that is rated PG-13.
    Please read the letter linked below explaining this and sign if you give your permission.  If you do not want to give your permission, your child will be offered an alternative method of acquiring the information.
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