• Classified Openings 

    To view our current Classified openings please click Edjoin.org - Mill Valley School District

    For any questions, please contact Human Resources:

    Shannon Bassi
    Human Resources Specialist
    p: 415-389-7744

    On-Call Substitute Opportunities

    For information on becoming a Classified Subsitute, please email Human Resources; Shannon Bassi: sbassi@mvschools.org
    • Substitute Yard Duty - on-call, $15.77/hour
    • Substitute Instructional Assistants-Kindergarten - on-call, $15.77hour
    • Substitute Instructional Assistants Special Ed - on-call, $21.43/hour
    • Substitute Administrative Assistant - on-call, $22.38/hour
    • Substitute Food Services Coordinator - on-call, $22.38/hour
    • Substitute Building/Grounds Maintenance - on-call, $24.24/hour
    • Substitute Custodians - on-call, $21.43/hour

    MVSD Classified Application

    For all paraprofessional (perm. and sub) positions NCLB (No Child Left Behind) compliance is required.  The requirements are as follows:  49 semester units at an institution of higher education; or obtained an associate's degree or higher; or pass the Assessment Exam.