• December 12, 2022 Board of Trustees Meeting - 4:30 p.m. - District Office Board Room.


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  • Agenda - You can view the  Agenda here once it has been posted.  For meetings prior to April 2022, click here.
    Attend -  
    The Board will meet in person and the meeting will be streamed remotely via Zoom and recorded.     
    Topics will include: 

    Public Comment -
    During a regular meeting, public comment can be submitted on agenda or non-agenda items.  

    • You MUST be present (in person or via Zoom) to state your own comment in the meeting at the appropriate time.  
    • Comments on non-agenda items will be invited during Public Comment.  
    • Comments on agenda items will be called following presentation of the agenda item, and preceding board discussion. 
    • Members of the public have two options to address the Board of Trustees during the meeting:
      • Complete a public comment request form in person; or
      • Submit your comment via the Public Comment form.  

    If you would like to communicate with the Board outside of the meeting, you may send your correspondence via email to all Trustees and the Superintendent by using LetterstotheBoardofTrustees@mvschools.org.  These letters will not be considered public comment and will not be read aloud during the meeting.
    The Board of Trustees value your input and wants to ensure that you have an opportunity to share feedback.