Next Meeting: February 27, 2024
    Special Board of Trustees Meeting

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    If the Board needs to conduct meetings outside of these Regular meetings, they will schedule a “Special” meeting.  Special meetings are often scheduled to facilitate study sessions, board workshops or presentations, but can also be scheduled to attend to business that is time sensitive. Special meeting agendas must be posted at least 24 hours before the meeting and only allow for public comment on items on the agenda.  

    Public Comment Protocols for Special Meetings


    Public Comment for Items on the Agenda only

    Ninety-minutes prior to the start of each meeting, Google forms will be made available for members of the public attending remotely to complete Public Comment forms. For those individuals attending in person, Public Comment cards are available immediately prior to the meeting.   At the start of Open Session, staff will announce that Public Comment for items on the agenda will be taken online or in-person through the end of the Superintendent’s Report.  Following the Superintendent’s Report, public comment for items on the agenda will be closed.   The Board can take no action at this time. Each speaker is requested to identify him/herself prior to addressing the Board and will be heard for up to three (3) minutes. The presiding officer of the Board shall determine, based on time constraints of the Board, whether some time less than three (3) minutes shall be allocated to individual speakers. 


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