Traffic and Safety Resources

  • The Mill Valley School District is committed to the safety of our students. We are actively working with the City of Mill Valley and Safe Routes to School (SR2S) to address safety for our students and traffic congestion through a variety of efforts.

    The Mill Valley School District, in partnership with the City of Mill Valley, the County of Marin, and Marin Transit, has launched a pilot home-to-school yellow school bus pilot program which will continue for the 2019-20 school year. The school bus program serves students who attend Mill Valley Middle School, Strawberry Point and Edna Maguire. Learn more about the program.

    In addition to the school bus program, MVSD has adopted staggered start bell schedules.
    Additional safe and green options to get to school

    If you live close to your school, find a safe route to walk or bike to school. If you live too far, consider forming a carpool.

    ·    You can also find a safe remote parking location and walking the last ¼ mile to school. Safeway, Hauke Park, and the Community Center "Friends Field" have been designated as drop off areas for Mill Valley Middle School students.

    ·    MVMS students can safely walk and bike to school using the multi-use pathways on Sycamore and Camino Alto. 

    ·    SR2S is also partnering with a new app, Kanga Do which will help you organize your SchoolPool and let you communicate with your neighbors throughout the year. 


    Please see the Guide for Organizing a Carpool and an informational flyer about Kanga Do.