• “Character education is not a single course, a quick-fix program, or a slogan posted on the wall; it is an integral part of school life.  The school must become a community of virtue in which responsibility, hard work, honesty, and kindness are modeled, taught, expected, celebrated, and continually practiced.  We strongly affirm parents as the primary moral educators of their children and believe schools should build a partnership with the home.”

    -A Character Education Manifesto, Boston University Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character

    All schools in our district focus on good character.  It is part of our District Mission, Strategic Plan and our Profile of a Successful Mill Valley Student.  In partnership with parents, we hold to the strong belief in the whole child and the teaching, learning and modeling of good character and citizenship.  There are five important character traits we will focus on throughout the district  and each character trait, while not considered in isolation, will receive particular emphasis at specific periods in the school year.  

    These character traits are:

    Building a sense of community and belonging at school    August, September, October
    Respect and tolerance for others           November, December
    Honesty and integrity        January, February      


    March, April
    Kindness, compassion and caring   May, June

    Throughout the year we will promote social responsibility and commitment to community service, especially in the middle school.

    Building common language and expectations with and across schools is a proven effective way to enhance school climate and culture.  Research has shown that school discipline and student conflict diminishes, and students become more engaged in the learning process.   

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