Anti-Bullying Policies and Procedures

      Dear Parent/Guardian,

      The Mill Valley School District is committed to providing schools that are safe, compassionate, and understanding to all of our students.  We take the safety of our students seriously and want to make sure that all issues regarding our students are addressed.  

      A number of incidents that take place in our schools do not meet the criteria of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying, but still need to be addressed. Most of the issues can be addressed  by working with the classroom  teacher and principal to resolve the incident.   However, if parents feel the complaint is not handled  in a professional and confidential manner at the school site,  continues to occur, or  feel uncomfortable discussing the issue at the school site,  the District has policies and procedures in place to resolve the complaint in a formalized manner.  

      The following definitions may be helpful when addressing student safety concerns:  

      Bullying:  Bullying is defined as an aggressive or unwanted and unwelcomed behavior that is repeated over time.  This is not a one-time incident.
      Harassment:  Harassment is defined as continued unwanted actions aimed at a student or group based on a protected status such as race, sex, and disability.
      Intimidation:  Intimidation is defined as the presence of fear-inspiring force.

      We are confident that working together as a parent and school community we can address the needs of our students in a positive manner.  The first step is to let the school know right away of any incidents or concerns that affect your child. 


    Complaint Procedures