• Guide to Registering Students- Required Documentation You Will Need to Bring

    • Where?

    Registration is done by appointment only (call 415-389-7712 or email lgmoore@mvschools.org) at the Mill Valley School District Office, 411 Sycamore Ave

    • What to Bring?

    o   Original birth certificate or passport:  Students in all grades must have an original birth certificate or passport.

    o   Last report card or state test scores:  Students in grades 1 through 8 need a copy of the last report card and/or state test scores (STAR or equivalent).


    o   Complete immunization record:  Please obtain a record of immunizations to date from your child's previous school or physician. By California State law, a child may not be admitted to school without proof of current immunizations.

    §  Kindergarteners who register during the current school year and all new 1st graders must provided completed physical and dental forms (available on the website)

    §  Entering 7th and 8th graders must provide evidence of the Tdap immunization.

    (A TB test is required if your family is moving to Mill Valley from countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, or the Pacific Islands. The test must have been administered upon arrival in the United States. Written proof of a negative test result will be required before the child can start school.)

    o    Proofs of Residency

    1.  One Required: At least one of the following documents showing the name and address of the parent, guardian or caregiver within the district:
         a.  A copy of the deed, or        
         b.  A copy of the most recent mortgage statement, or
         c.  A fully executed copy of the lease/rental agreement.
    2.  One Required: In addition to #1 at least one utility service contract, statement, or payment receipt dated within thirty (30) days of registration documents showing the name and address of the parent, guardian or caregiver within the district. Acceptable bills include: P G & E; Marin Municipal Water District; Mill Valley Refuse/Tamalpais Community Services District/or other local refuse agency serving residences within district boundaries; Comcast (cable TV)/Direct TV; landline telephone (cell and long-distance service not accepted).
    3.  Two Required: In addition to #1 and #2 above at least two of the following documents showing the name and address of the parent, guardian or caregiver within the district:
           a.   Valid California Driver's License,
           b.   Current Vehicle Registration card,
           c.    W-2 form dated within the past year,  
           d.    Property tax bill/payment receipts dated within the past year
           e.   Correspondence from a government agency or Public Assistance
                 documents dated within the past year,
           f.    Bank or credit card statement dated within the past forty five (45) days,
           g.   Dental or medical bill dated within the past forty five (45) days.

    Questions? Send an email to lgmoore@mvschools.org or call 415.389.7712.