• Parent Protocol with School Personnel

    The Governing Board of the Mill Valley School District is keenly aware that a student's education is a collaborative effort between educators and parents. The Board therefore encourages an open and honest dialogue at all times. A cornerstone to any constructive discussion is that all parties be respectful to all other parties. This protocol is not intended to deprive any person of his/her right to freedom of expression, but only to maintain, to the extent possible and reasonable, a safe and orderly environment.

    Classroom Volunteers

    Classroom volunteers should set schedules ahead of time with teachers. If for some reason volunteers cannot fulfill their scheduled time, the school secretary should be notified so that teachers may be informed of any absences.

    Volunteers are to implement instructions given by the teacher. Volunteer time is not to be used for volunteers to discuss their own or another child's progress. For purposes of confidentiality, the volunteer shall not discuss any student's behavior or progress, the teacher, or things they have been privy to in the classroom.


    Any concerns regarding a teacher's practice should be openly and respectfully addressed with the teacher. If no progress towards resolution is made, an appointment with parties involved should be scheduled with the site administrator.

    Parents/guardians are encouraged to appropriately communicate with school staff. This may be done via e-mail, voice mail, and/or notes. Teachers may indicate a preference in these methods. Teachers are allowed two working days to respond to any reasonable communication.

    Teachers have the right to make a complaint to their administrator if they feel that any communication is disrespectful.

    Meetings with Teachers

    Meetings should be scheduled at mutually agreeable times. One may not interrupt instruction, recess, duty free lunch times, or prep time to address and/or discuss a concern. Teacher/parent discussions should be done privately, away from students, other parents, and other staff members. A teacher has the right to request that the administrator attend any meetings or conferences.

    If during any meeting (e.g. parent conference, phone call, SST/IEP, formal meeting), a person uses obscenities or speaks in a demanding, loud, insulting, and/or demeaning manner, the site administrator, teacher or leader shall calmly and politely ask the speaker to communicate civilly. If the behavior continues, the leader will terminate the meeting and reschedule. Further, an individual who disrupts or verbally threatens to disrupt any meeting or learning (classroom) process may be directed to leave school or school district property by the administrator.

    Grade Changes

    Parents/guardians are expected to respect the professional judgment of teachers regarding grades. Parents/guardians who have questions about particular assignments may, on occasion, inquire about them but they need to respect teachers' limited time constraints. In elementary school, conference opportunities are numerous. By the time students are in middle school, they should be taking increased responsibility for writing down assignments, understanding directions, knowing homework expectations, and approaching teachers with questions. Parents/guardians will best serve their children by coaching them to be their own advocates with teachers.

    If a parent/guardian believes there has been a mistake in the scoring of an assignment or test, he or she may approach the teacher in the spirit of cooperative problem solving by presenting the relevant information and asking the teacher to review it. If a teacher feels unreasonably questioned by a parent/guardian, he or she will take the issue to a site administrator.

    Exerting pressure on teachers to change trimester grades for any reason, including, but not limited to, qualifying to play on sports teams or participating in extracurricular activities, is not acceptable.

    If a parent/guardian wishes to challenge a trimester grade, he or she may submit to the Superintendent or designee (site administrator) a written request explaining the reasons for the desired change. (Education Code 49070)

    When a student grade is challenged, the teacher who gave the grade shall be given an opportunity to state orally, in writing, or both, the reasons for which the grade was given. Insofar as practical the teacher shall be included in all discussions related to any grade change. In the absence of clerical or mechanical error, fraud, bad faith or incompetence, the student's grade as determined by the teacher shall be final. (Education Code 49066)

    California Education Code

    44811. Disruption of classwork or extracurricular activities; punishment; exemptions

    1. Any parent, guardian, or other person whose conduct in a place where a school employee is required to be in the course of his or her duties materially disrupts class work or extra curricular activities or involves substantial disorder is guilty of a misdemeanor.

    2. A violation of subdivision (a) shall be punished as follows:

    a. Upon the first conviction, by a fine of not less than $500 and not more than $1,000, or by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or by both the fine and imprisonment.

    b. Upon a second conviction, by imprisonment in a county jail for a period of not less than 10 days, and not more than one year, or by both imprisonment and a fine not exceeding $1,000. The defendant shall not be released on probation, or for any other basis until he or she has served not less than 10 days in a county jail.

    c. Upon a third or subsequent conviction, by imprisonment in a county jail for a period of not less than 90 days, and not more than one year, or by both imprisonment and a fine not exceeding $1,000. The defendant shall not be released on probation, or for any other basis until he or she has served not less than 90 days in a county jail..."

    Furthermore, any individual who disrupts or threatens to disrupt school/office operation; threatens the health and safety of students or staff; willfully causes property damage, uses loud and/or offensive language which could provoke a violent reaction; or who has otherwise established a continued pattern of unauthorized entry on school district property, shall be directed to leave school or school district property promptly by the administrator or designee.

    When an individual is directed to leave the property, the administrator or designee shall inform the person that he/she will be guilty of a misdemeanor in accordance with California Education Code 44811 and Penal Codes 415.5 and 626.7 if he/she reenters any district facility within 30 days after being directed to leave, or within seven days if the person is a parent/guardian of a student attending that school. If an individual refuses to leave upon request or returns before the applicable period of time, the administrator or designee may notify law enforcement officials.