• 2020-21 Student Services Year-long Goals


    Goal #1:

    Teachers will deepen their ability to collaborate effectively and benefit from shared learning with colleagues.

    Students will benefit from the best practices in instruction and a sense of belonging. All student groups will make consistent achievement.


    Goal #2:

    Teachers will develop and maintain meaningful relationships with their students.

    Students’ sense of belonging, safety, and enthusiasm for school will increase.


    Goal #3:

    Teachers will hone curriculum to what is most meaningful and relevant.

     Students will connect with their learning on cognitive and emotional level as defined in Distance Learning Playbook.


    Goal #4:

    Teachers will use feedback and assessments to differentiate learning.

    All student groups (All, ELL, Intervention, Sped) will make one year’s growth.  


    Goal #5:

    Teachers will deepen their understanding of racism and begin to interrupt inequitable structures and practices. 

    Students will see themselves reflected in the curriculum & build their identity as learners and thinkers.