•  Congratulations to all students who auditioned or submitted applications for the Cast and Crew of Peter Pan.

    For those in the Cast and Crew, please be on the lookout for a parent email with more details.

    (All-Cast Rehearsals will usually be on THURSDAYS)




    Peter Molly Eisenberg
    Wendy Ally Sue Garton
    Michael Lucy Shalhoup
    John Jack Hochschild
    Mr. Darling Reed Grenager
    Mrs. Darling Sarah Bornstein
    Liza Caroline Cope
    Nana Lucy Mallard
    Tinker Bell Isa Rudman
    Jane Emily Osborn
    Tiger Lily Ande Kelly
    Fairy Soloists Addie Everage
      Elyse Faherty
      Lily Freas
    Curley Wesley Attinger
    Slightly Sophie Shern
    Nibs Dean Gustavson
    Twin 1 Reese Fuhrman
    Twin 2 Keely Everage
    Tootles Decker Scholnick
    Captain Hook Jordan Smith
    Smee Gabe Stern
    Starkey Chris Nieker
    Cecco Ellie Spelman
    Noodler Bennett Goldmacher
    Jukes Tom Lovett
    Crocodile Brigitte Whittle
      Amanda Mauzy
      Amelie Green
      Atticus Moore
      Chloe Gillmer
      Clare Graveline
      Emily Osborn
      Finn Davis
      Haley Lefferts
      Helen Kay
      Jadyn Saeleo
      Michela Adams
      Ava McEntee
      Beckett Burchard
      Emi Erving
      Evelyn Olinger
    Jacob Taichman-Bernstein
      Kathleen Lanigan
      Morgan McLean
      Natalie Popper
      Olivia Lara
      Reed Grenager
      Sarah Bornstein
      Sasha Moore
      Adeline Newby
      Ally Meyer
      Anna Kornfeld
      Grace Porter
      Hannah Canin
      Jennie Liu
      Juniper Barriauta
      Louise McGinness
      Merrill Cover
    Peter Pan Crew  
    Front of House Manager Caspar Cheung
    Co-Back Stage Manager Jenna Spector
    Co-Back Stage Manager Kylie MacRae
    Backstage Crew  
      Ava Salinas
      Ben Miller
      Eva Ngarangad
      Jake Butler
      Jamie Lemberg
      Lily Hayes
      Max Boyd
      Reese Freidenreich
      Ruby Goldblatt
      Xianjian Ingoldsby
    Backstage Light Operator Oliver Lucchese
    Spotlight Operators  
      Cooper Hatch
      Luke Lundgren
    Curtain Manager Leigh Dodge
    Sound Technicians  
      Jason Lester
      Johnny Gallick
      Samantha Octavio
    Costume Assistants  
      Cate Benedict
      Keeva Clark
      Quinn Hottenstein
      Tessa Harrell
    Makeup & Hair  
      Chloe Whitmore
      Kendra Evans
    SATURDAY HELPERS: Scenery/Prop Artists
      Emerson Bickel
      Finn Croley
      Lauren Schoner
      Layney Octavio
      Margeaux Davis
      Siena Bovich
      Sofia Johnson