Congratulations to all of the students who auditioned or submitted applications to be a part of the Cabaret.

    MANDATORY PARENT MEETING FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS - Monday, December 10 @ 7pm in MVMS Multimedia Room.



    Troy Bolton Jamie Clahan
    Gabriella Montez Annie Wolin
    Sharpay Evans, Drama Club President Kira Keane
    Ryan Evans, Drama Club VP Cayden Alley
    Taylor McKessie, Science Club President Anna Harrell
    Chad Danforth, athlete and Troy's best friend Will Basnight
    Mrs. Darbus, Drama Teacher Olympia Marino
    Miss Kincaid, Asst. Drama Teacher Ally Sue Garton
    Jackie Schmidt, announcer Juliette Ferron
    Scott Jacobs, announcer Gabe Stern
    Coach Bolton Brendan Barger
    Assistant Coach Payne Molly Eisenberg
    Kelsi Neilson, composer Cate Dresner
    Zeke Baylor, athlete with passion for baking Wesley Attinger
    Jason Butler, quiet athlete Charlie Dunn
    Cathy Thompson, eager thespian Olivia Maciejewski
    Alana Horvath, thespian with flair for couture Cadence Evans
    Cyndra Henderson, thespian with operatic aspirations Eleanor Octavio
    Susan Reynolds, emotional thespian Bella Bennett
    James Griffith, thespian earthworm expressionist Griffin Merriman
    Martha Cox, brainiac hip hop dancer Avi Perl
    Amelia Kratnoff, brainiac history buff Emma Korolev
    Mongo, skater a little slow on the uptake Reed Grenager
    Ripper, skater cellist Adrian McCory
    Mrs. Andrews, decathlon moderator; special voices Charlotte Yearout
    Ms. Tenny, science teacher Abigail Marciniak
    Panther Mascot Quattro Moore
      Ande Kelly
      Ava Nevolo
      Brendan Barger
      Cami Wilkinson
      Charlie Dunn
      Hannah MacIntosh
      Hannah Canin
      Jamie Clahan
      Kirsi Harris
      Liliana Melchiorre
      Merrill Cover
      Mirielle Harkins
      Molly Eisenberg
      Wesley Attinger
      Will Basnight
    BRAINIACS Aliyah Levin
      Anna Harrell
      Annie Wolin
      Arian Morem
      Avi Perl
      Charlotte Yearout
      Eden Clark
      Ellie Taylor
      Emily Osborn
      Emma Korolev
      Jack Hochschild
    SKATERS Abigail Marciniak
      Adrian McCory
      Clare Graveline
      Esme Kasavin
      Eva Rowbury
      Gabe Stern
      Isa Rudman
      Quattro Moore
      Reed Grenager
      Reese Furhman
      Sarah Bornstein
    THESPIANS Ally Sue Garton
      Bella Bennett
      Cadence Evans
      Caroline Cope
      Cate Dresner
      Cayden Alley
      Eleanor Octavio
      Ford Bovich
      Griffin Merriman
      Kira Keane
      Natalie Popper
      Olivia Maciejewski
      Olympia Marino
      Tara Fullerton
    You Will Be Found Singers Adrian McCory
      Bella Bennett
      Charlie Dunn
      Eleanor Octavio
      Emma Korolev
      Mirielle Harkins
      Olivia Maciejewski
      Reed Grenager
      Wesley Attinger
      Will Basnight
    TALENT ACTS Caroline Cope
      Stella Cushing
      Gus Mehrkam
      Adrian McCory
      Trevor Allan
    Front of House Manager Isabella Brandt
    Back Stage Manager Nicole Everage
    Asst. Backstage Manager Asher Goldblatt
    Backstage Crew    
      Addison Everage
      Ellie Spelman
      Jadyn Saelao
      Jamie Lemberg
      Kaia Harte
      Keeva Clark
      Kylie MacRae
      Ruby Goldblatt
      Sophia Levinson
    Backstage Light Operator Caspar Cheung
    Spotlight Operators    
      Cole Monti
    Curtain Manager Keely Everage
    Sound Technicians    
      Ben Miller
      Oliver Lucchese
    Costume Assistants    
      Cate Benedict
      Jenna Spector
      Sara Malek-Maple
    Makeup & Hair Kiera Connolly
      Sierra Hettler
    SATURDAY HELPERS: Scenery/Prop Artists    
      Maddie Yates
      Marina McGowan
      Max Boyd
      Morgan McLean