• The "Return to In-Person Instruction" webpages provide all the necessary information for students and families as we transition to in-person instruction in our 3x3 Hyrbid Model. All of the pages in this section details our schedule, health and safety measures, arrivining to and from school, rules and regulations while on campus, exposure protocols, and general information with regards to COVID-19. Please be sure to review our "Guide for a Safe Return to School" as it details all our policies and procedures. We have also provided important links to other district and county information.


    MVMS Guide for a Safe Return to School (Updated November 28 @ 12:15PM)


    Pictures of Campus 


    Face coverings are to be worn at all times and all students are to follow COVID-19 safety protocols set forth in this guide at all times. Face coverings must fit snug around the mouth and nose, and secured around the ears or head. Gaiters, bandanas, and masks with vales are NOT permitted.





    Other Documents and Resources


    School Site Specific Protection Plan


    MVSD COVID-19 Student and Familiy Health Guide


    Marin County Decision Tree


    Exposure Protocols