• Parent Questions

    The list below includes the most common questions parents ask:
    How do I find the school calendar?
    The full year calendar is available on the district web site (www.mvschools.org) and the monthly calendar is available on the MVMS website calendar page here

    What do I do if my address, phone number, or email changes?  
    If your mailing address changes, you will need to provide proofs of residency for the new address- for details of what the proofs are, check the district website.
    How do I apply for private school/private high school?
    That information is available on this page. 
    I need to get a free or reduced cost lunch for my child. What do I do?  
    Applications for free and reduced lunches are in the first day packet documents on the district website here
    How do I order lunches?
    You can sign up for lunches following the directions at ChoiceLunch, the school code is MVSD. Be sure to list your child's grade level. 

    I need to get a scholarship for a school fee, or help purchasing school supplies or uniforms- Who do I talk to?   
    Contact your child's school counselor. 
    What if I want to report a safety issue at school? 
    Contact the Assistant Principal or Dean of Students.

    How do I sign up for school messages from the school administration and PTSA?
    Newsletters and other messages are sent via ParentSquare. You will receive them in your email inbox.
    How do I sign up for the daily bulletin?
    Follow the prompts on the bottom of the home page, in the blue daily bulletin box. 
    What if I want to have a conference with one my child's teachers?  
    Contact the teacher and make an appointment.  We do not have conference weeks- in the way they do at the elementary school level.  You may make an appointment with a teacher at any time during the school year.  In order to see the teacher you will need to have an appointment. In most cases, teachers are not able to take drop in appointments. 
    What is restorative justice?  And how is it implemented at Mill Valley Middle School?
    How can I review the Student Handbook?
    What do I do if I feel that my child is being bullied? 
    Contact the Assistant Principal or Dean of Students. 
    How do I know who my child's counselor is?
    How do I report an absence?
    How do I arrange to pick up my child early from school?
    How do I order a yearbook? 
    How do I contact a teacher?
    What is the mailing address of the school? Phone number?  Fax number?  
    Our mailing address is 425 Sycamore Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941 our school phone number is 415-389-7711 and our fax number is 415-389-7780. 
    How do I buy a PE uniform?
    How do I find out about clubs?
    What is the community service requirement? 
    What is WEB? 

    Will my child go on field trips at Mill Valley Middle?
    Occasionally - students will have field trips. Teachers will often take classes on walking field trips around the school community area.