• Great Wall of China Machu Picchu Ms. Hudson's ELA / SS, 7th Grade

    Ms. Hudson's Language Arts and Social Studies Core, 7th Grade

    Trimester 3, Distance Learning Information:  

    *Please note this website is for general information for procedures in my class during our school closure, daily updates and announcements are always posted on Google Classroom Stream* 


    • Classwork will posted as a Google Slideshow on Monday before 8am.  *As much as possible I will try to provide links to recorded lessons and instructions for each day's assignment within this slideshow*


    • Slideshow will give 4 days of work, spread out over a five day week.  It is my intention that students will be able to plan their 30 minutes of work each day keeping in mind that one day of the week they are not responsible for work in Core.  Slideshow has work M-F, however some assignments will be listed on more than one day and students should not spend more than 30 min per day on any assignment


    • All links in Slideshow should be live links, and are connected to the assignment for the day


    • Assignments are due on Friday of the week they are assigned, late work accepted!! Please reach out if you have any questions or issues with work load! Email is the best form of communication for me: ehudson@mvschools.org


    • Assignments for the week are listed under the date in the assignment section of Google Classroom, students upload required work and mark as done.


    • Grading updated in Aeries as: CR - Credit, I - Incomplete



    Office Hours: 

    6th period SS - 9am T/TH

    1st period ELA - 11am T/Th


    5th Period SS - 9:30 T/TH

    4th Period - 11:30 T/TH


    3rd Period - 10am T/TH

    * General Office Hours:  T/TH 12-12:30, W 12-1pm


    **All Zoom links posted in Stream**