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    January 7, 2020


    Dear Room 28 Families:


    First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me.  They are bright, hardworking, kind, and fun. I’m so grateful to be their teacher. I know that not all teenagers are terribly forthcoming when asked what they’ve learned in school. Because of that, I wanted to provide an update on what we’ve been up to this past fall and what we will be doing in early 2020. 


    In English, we had our wonderful Shakespeare unit thanks to Kiddo! We’ve been working diligently on improving our vocabulary.  Along those lines, I’m attaching the 60 words your students have learned this fall. They seem to enjoy wordplay with their newly acquired vocabulary.  You will notice that these are not complicated words. However, they’re also not words students were using in their speech or writing. I’m confident that many students will now be using these words more frequently. We’ve also been working on grammar, comma usage, complex sentence writing, and paragraphs.


    If your student has me for  Social Studies, this fall we reviewed what was learned in 6th grade by making timelines of the ancient past.  We then learned about the Roman Empire, the early years of Christianity, and have just finished studying Islam. Your student has been keeping an online journal through an app called Seesaw.  I sent the link home in an email, please let me know if you still need the link. Please note, Seesaw is a place for positive feedback only.


    In January, we’ll be doing a current events unit in collaboration with our wonderful library teacher, continuing with our vocabulary study, and starting our unit on Africa.


    Sincerely yours,

    Danielle Dabbah
    7th Grade English and Social Studies



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