• Academic Support Class during Distance Learning

    Office Hours

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during Asynchronous Learning Time: 1:15 to 2:50. Each of my classes have set times. See Google Classroom for set times.  


    We offer academic teacher support to all students in Academic Support Classes during asynchronous learning time. We strongly encouraged that students attend during this time to ask questions, get help with assignments, say hi, and connect with teachers and classmates.  The meeting ID and password are in Google Classroom as well as Google Calendar. 

    If you have questions at other times, email us! Email is a quicker way to reach us than posting in Classroom, as we do not check our Google Classroom comments throughout the day.

    Academic Support Classroom Snapshot

    Academic Support class occurs three times a week. mornings. Students should bring their planners to the Zoom class and should update them during the class. We will work on classwork, homework and goals. To increase success with remote learning, all students in Academic Support are strongly encouraged to meet with each of their teachers at least once a week during their live office hours, and to email teachers with questions to practice their self-advocacy skills.  We are here to support you during Remote Learning!